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Pelvic Floor Article

Your pelvic floor and barbell workouts

Your pelvic floor and barbell workouts Barbell workouts are great for developing muscle strength and endurance and this form of resistance training is effective in maintaining bone mass as well being an enjoyable form of weight training. This type of workout can be...

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The Pelvic Floor and The Core

The pelvic floor muscles as part of the ‘core’.   Muscles play a key role during exercise, but did you know that there are a hidden group of muscles called ‘pelvic floor muscles’ which need special attention?      Pelvic floor muscles...

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High Impact workouts
High Impact workouts

High Impact = High Pelvic Floor Strength. The allure of high-impact workouts is the energy expenditure and the pure joy of bouncing around – like a teenager. Still, for some of us, our pelvic floor is not like it was when we were teenagers. For many women, it is a...

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Core Foundations

When most fitness professionals think about the ‘core’, the first and usually immediate thought is transverse abdominus. What is often unknown and misunderstood, is the importance and relevance of the pelvic floor. Yes – everyone has one, even men have a pelvic floor....

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