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Gymstick Guide to Abdominal Strength

Your core is the epicentre of strength, supporting every movement your body makes. In this guide, we'll focus on abdominal and core strength, uncovering the unique benefits Gymstick offers to enhance these crucial muscle groups. Let's explore how Gymstick can be your...

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Boost Your Core Strength and Lower Back Health

Lower back issues are a common concern for people of all fitness levels, often closely related to the health and strength of the core muscles. Explore the importance of maintaining a strong lower back and core strength while emphasizing the significance of building...

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Developing Upper Body Strength With Gymstick

The Gymstick, crowned Australia's best home fitness tool in 2006, has consistently proven its worth. Voted by The Daily Telegraph and featured in women's fitness and health magazines, it made a remarkable resurgence during the lockdown in 2020. Renowned for its...

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Wow, Marietta, you did it again.
Is there nothing you cannot do amazingly woman?
Joining the mentor group was one of the best things I’ve done in my 38 year career in fitness. You do what you say and actually MENTOR. In this age of people looking out for themselves it’s still hard to get our heads around somebody that gives so much of themselves.
I definitely know my teaching, communication and personal mentoring of newer fitness professionals has improved greatly. And THAT gives me so much joy. You correct when you say we touch on all topics in the mentor group and this whole dynamic has transferred to my performance of land & aqua classes, fitness instruction and personal growth.
The videos you’ve provided and sessions I’ve watched and listened to have been so thorough, that I’ve actually learnt so much more, and been able to use knowledge straight away from them. It’s been great.
You’re the whole package and I don’t say that flippantly.
All I can say is a humble and sincere thank you again and again


Cheryl Fallon

Aqua Fitness Trainer