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Am I Included Yet?

A Reflection on International Day of Disabilities: As I sit down to write this post on the International Day of Disabilities, I can't help but reflect on the question: Am I included yet? My name is Caitlin (CJ) and I'm a 29-year-old woman living with an intellectual...

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Language of Disability

Carol Syer wrote this blog. Learning the language of disability In my 30+ years in the fitness Industry, I have seen it grow and mature. We have become more aware and more inclusive. We have become more educated, and with that knowledge, we are becoming more welcoming...

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I just wanted to let you know I have been taking advantage of so much of your free material, and it is INVALUABLE! You are amazing, and I am learning sooooo soooo much from you! Even the aqua stuff can be applied to non-aqua classes! I have taken at least 14 trainings that are not yours, not one of them comes close to the training you do! You are an incredible teach the teacher! Thank you for all you do.

Maria Lubrano

Group Fitness Trainer