Is freestyle coming back?

When I first started in the fitness industry I was an aerobics instructor. Yes, I learned how to teach an aerobics class, which required music, space and my mind, to create an exercise experience. There was no equipment other than the humble mat and sometimes we used light dumbbells.

How long ago was this? This was the early nineties and since then, the diversification of the group exercise format is beyond anything anyone could have imagined. Formats vary from equipment based to pre-choreographed and licenced programs, mind/body formats to HIIT, dance to athletic, there is something for everyone looking to train in a group environment. (more…)

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Over the past week my mSwing business partner, Mark Davis has been signing off emails with POY.

It also appeared in text messages and I had figured (Mark being a man with a very well-developed sense of humour), he had somehow formed a word that I didn’t have a clue about, but would likely mean something quirky.

Not wanting to demonstrate my ignorance and lack of humour, I would smile and try to write something funny back. Now that I know what it means (because after the constant confusion about POY I finally asked), I wonder if he had felt confused by my responses!

So what does POY stand for? Wait for it, drum roll please… (more…)

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Should you be eating that?

I wonder if I am alone in this situation? I am walking around a supermarket and I spot down one aisle, a participant that comes to my classes. I quickly scan the groceries in my basket, are they ok to be seen? Are they healthy items? Will I be judged? Can I hide something under the lettuce? Making a quick decision that there are too many naughty items to hide under the salad and tomatoes, I duck into the next aisle and high tail it to the self-scanning counter. Now, the race to scan and make a quick exit before I am discovered purchasing the ‘wrong things’.

Am I being paranoid, or have I had enough experiences of very nice people looking into my shopping basket and saying “should you be eating that?” or ‘that is not very healthy!’? (more…)

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A life full of achievements!

Have you ever had the experience of meeting someone and, you can’t really put a finger on what it is that makes such an impact, but there you are thinking about who they are and what they have achieved?

Sylvia Rice is one of those people to me. Even though I had met Sylvia prior to 2015, it wasn’t until a workshop in Sydney with Maria Teresa Stone, that I felt like I got to know her better. This incredibly funny and wise 70+ year old with an insight that only someone with extensive professional and person experience could have, shared stories and hilarious quotes. Sylvia’s extraordinary experience in the fitness industry, goes as far back as 1985 when she taught Aerobic Movement classes. She is a pioneer in classes for older adults and started a Senior’s program at Beaton Park in 1984, which until recently when she retired, had participants that continually stayed loyal attendees from when it started. (more…)

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