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That big ball of air – The Swiss Ball

You see some interesting trends and fads come and go when you've been a group fitness instructor for over 33 years. I remember seeing the step in 1991 and thinking, 'What's this rubbish? You cannot make this interesting enough for a whole class.' But here I am in...

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Do you body weight train?

For the last 15 years, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) have conducted surveys with thousands of professionals around the world, to determine health and fitness trends for the following year. The survey for 2021 experienced a 40% increase in responses,...

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What it takes, is what it takes

Recognising the Importance of Specialised Care Here's the scenario: you've injured your knee. The pain persists, hindering your ability to bend, climb stairs, and lift heavy loads. Seeking advice from a physiotherapist, you learn specific exercises and techniques to...

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The Muscle Mastery workshop was absolutely excellent. As always I am coming away with new skills and approaches – not to mention new knowledge. I was especially interested to hear your explanation about squat rationale and ankle and knee mobility. Your inventiveness and deep knowledge is inspiring – starting with basic movements and layering, changing speed, intensity and volume, and creating flowing patterns (so lovely to do with music) and even adding in the vestibular possibilities … I can’t wait til next week’s class when I have so many new ideas that I can incorporate!

Janet Hesson

Group Fitness Trainer