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Do you want to know how to get more range of motion in your joints?

You will learn about the body’s nervous system and how it can be used to improve flexibility. This course is perfect for anyone who wants a better understanding of the human body, or those looking for new ways to help their clients move better.


Do you want to learn more about the pelvic floor?

You can access 8 free seminars by clicking on the link below right now! They’re packed full of information that will help keep your body healthy and strong as well as give you a better understanding of how important it is to look after your pelvic floor muscles. 

Marietta is a killer presenter, one of a kind. Exceptionally motivating with an infectious personality.

Annette Dal Sasso

Personal Trainer

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Marietta’s classes are brilliant. My favourite are her online Zoom Gymstick classes, which make me stronger in a safe and fun way. Every class is different and I am always learning something new. I really appreciate the personal interaction and confirmation I am doing the right thing. Spending time with Marietta, with her wonderful encouragement and enthusiasm, is a great way to start the day. My mood is much better too – my whole family benefits! Thank Marietta, you are an inspiration.

Danielle Brown


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I am a UK based fitness professional and I did Marietta’s Gymstick Instructor Training and my clients love it. I like Marietta’s style and excellent instruction and so I have joined this resource and I have undertaken the MSwing instructor course. Brilliant stuff.

Ian Northcott

Group & Personal Trainer


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Confessions Of A Lazy Instructor

Confessions Of A Lazy Instructor

Tips on how to stay motivated with exercise. Have you ever started doing something and had the best intentions only to lose motivation and give up halfway through? Maybe you started a new exercise program and quit after a few weeks (or days). All along, you know that if you just stuck it out, you [...]

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How To Make A Career From Teaching Group Fitness?

How To Make A Career From Teaching Group Fitness?

Wow! It’s really possible to make a career from teaching group fitness classes. Absolutely, it is. You can earn money and help people become fitter and healthier too. There are many opportunities to teach group fitness classes. If you have a personal passion for it, or if you just want some extra money and like [...]

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Do You learn from others?

Do You learn from others?

Teaching is a profession that is full of surprises. As instructors, we know that the best way to prepare for the unexpected is to go in with as much knowledge as possible. It's one of the reasons why you're probably reading this now. Ways to improve your teaching skills There's always room for improvement when [...]

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Marietta is awesome with all so many different opportunities to do workshops to upskill as a professional. Thank you for all your hard work you put into presentations. Love your work!

Keryn Kulow

Group Fitness Trainer

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