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it’s hard to let go to try something new

The biggest challenge It's hard to let go of something that once worked for us, but it's even harder when we're not seeing the results we want. One of the hardest things for a lot of people to do is admit that their favourite workout is no longer working for them. In...

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Can simple be effective

Keeping it Simple We've all heard the saying, "keep it simple, stupid." But as humans, we seem to be hardwired to look for complexity. So we are suspicious of things that are too simple – how can it possibly be effective? Fitness trainers tend to overcomplicate...

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Why I hated resistance bands and what changed my mind

Resistance bands were not my thing I was first introduced to resistance bands early in my teaching career in the 1990s. This long piece of elastic was recommended as a portable and effective form of resistance training. Having only used weights for resistance...

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I was talking with a member who said she hadn’t done anything in the past few months except using her Gymstick and said what a wonderful device it was and how she could work her entire body with it. It was the only thing that could keep her motivated exercise-wise.

Cheryl East

Group Fitness Trainer

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