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Fitness Australia CEC application

Affiliated Education will provide the opportunity for Level 2 & 3 Australian Registered Exercise Professionals to attain CECs for professional development. Marietta Mehanni is an approved education provider. This means, if you have completed an online education with Marietta Mehanni within the last two years, you can attain 1 CEC per course. The courses include:

  • Aqua Core
  • Surf it, skim it, scoop it – kickboarding
  • Stir fried noodles
  • Only One
  • Move to improve part 1
  • Move to improve part 2
  • Flexibility without Stretching
  • Memory through Movement

Please make sure to read the information below carefully so that you fully understand the process.

How do you provide evidence of Affiliated Education?

You must submit the following information via your CEC Diary for each program in order to attain CECs:

When completing the form, please make sure to put Marietta Mehanni in the boxes marked:

Delivered by (professional program provider):

Approving provider:

Complete and sign the Affiliated Education Application outlining information about the program/event and how it aligns with your professional goals and development.

How many CECs can you attain through Affiliated Education?

The maximum CECs that can be earned in any given two-year registration period is:

 Level 2 | up to 4 CECs

Level 3 | up to 10 CECs

 This can be accumulated via multiple approved programs/events attended.

 Why can’t Level 1 attain CECs for Affiliated Education?

Level 1 (Introductory) have been in the industry for less than two years, therefore it’s vital that they have a true understanding of their core role and that this is reinforced by education which has been reviewed and is entirely within their scope of practice.

How much does it cost?

This is absolutely free of charge. You just need to make sure that you complete the form accurately to attain 1 CEC for each program.

 Can you claim Affiliated Education for your current registration term?

Yes, if you have attended/completed a program/event at any stage within your current registration term you can attain CECs for Affiliated Education as long as it meets the criteria and the appropriate documentation has been submitted. 

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