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It’s time to speak up about aqua!

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Written by Marietta

January 29, 2018

Hallelujah! Aqua Instructors have found their voice.

If you are not on social media or have been busy enjoying your summer holidays, you may not be aware of a series of viral posts that have captured the interest of aqua instructors over the past few weeks. It started off with a comment about FILEX not having aqua session on the schedule for 2018. It was like watching a bushfire, where the comments flew around faster than I could keep up with. It ended up with an assurance from Fitness Australia’s CEO Bill Moore, that aqua will definitely be on the FILEX schedule for 2019 and a number of forums being set up around Australia for aqua instructors to attend to discuss issues that have been topical, but not openly spoken about before.

Are you passionate about aqua?

Like anything on social media, people openly discuss what is important to them, and although I didn’t necessary agree with all of the comments, I was really happy to hear voices. Voices from aqua instructors. Voices that I have heard say things in workshops, but never on a public platform. Voices that were expressing a passion for aqua, their participants and the value that this form of exercise brings to a much wider community than many other formats gaining somewhat more attention than the water. Voices that were expressing the dissatisfaction with issues that have been tolerated for a long time due to a quiet acceptance that nothing would ever change.

Let’s work together

Well, change is definitely happening and this uproar has certainly made aqua instruction a topical conversation, that even Bill Moore has been involved in. Currently there are forums being organised by Dom Gili around the country for instructors to attend to discuss issues and come up with solutions. If you are someone whom is passionate about your clients, classes, the value that you offer your community, and can make some recommendations about how to move forward, I strongly encourage you to attend one of these forums to make sure that your voice is heard too.

Keep in touch

If you are on this mailing list, you will be notified when a forum will be coming close to you, but if you know of other instructors who may not be on my database but would like to be involved, please get them to forward their details to [email protected]

Change is always an opportunity to grow and improve. Hope to see some of you at the Melbourne forum.

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