Marietta Mehanni

Aqua Articles

Splash Dance

Do you like to dance? Dance is the movement interpretation of music. Most instructors would say 'Yes' because we often use exercise as a movement interpretation of music, and perhaps that is why we like this form of exercise. Do you find yourself dancing, or bopping...

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Hydro Worx

Pursuing the next great aqua move Aqua Fitness has taken the world by storm, captivating enthusiasts with its invigorating and effective workouts. Aqua instructors constantly pursue groundbreaking techniques and cutting-edge moves to stay ahead in this rapidly...

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Wet Force

How can dumbbells and noodles be used for deep water exercise? Dumbbells and noodles are popular aquatic tools, predominately in shallow water, for resistance, turbulence and buoyancy-type exercises. But can they be used effectively for a deep water class? These two...

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What are the ingredients of a fabulous aqua session? Class Plan Music Teaching Skills X factor One of the most important aspects of a fabulous class is the plan. Even with all other factors being present, without a plan, your sessions will be a “hit or miss”. It will...

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Frothy Foam Ideas

What class would be complete without some exercises devoted to using the humble dumbbell? From the original milk containers that were one of the earliest floatation aids used in aqua classes, the dumbbell has many uses, including: Suspended exercises in shallow and...

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Floating Feet

Hooray, a new aquatic tool to add variety to our aqua classes. As an aqua instructor, I have pushed, pulled, held and let go of the dumbbell in so many ways that I don't know if I can do anything new with it. The same applies to the noodle. They are both fantastic...

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