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Swiss Ball

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Take Your Core Training To The Next Level

Combine the integrity and stability of the step platform with the mobility and versatility of the fitball and achieve the ultimate training regime. Marietta will guide you through an exciting and innovative master class intertwining concepts such as cardiovascular...

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Get The Bounce Right

What do you want to do with a big latex ball of air? Boing of course! Swiss balls have numerous uses, but let's face it, doesn't everyone want to sit on it and bounce. Find out how to teach beginners basic bouncing and lift off exercises and how to implement different...

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Cardio Ball

What type of cardiovascular exercise would suit a client that can't do impact? Cardio Ball! The Swiss ball is well renown for it's multitude of uses, and cardiovascular training is one of it's best kept secrets. Cardio Ball is not only effective in raising heart rate,...

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