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December 28, 2017

Start the year in the right direction

It always seems appropriate to write a January blog about intentions and new resolutions to start the year in the right direction, whatever ‘right’ means for you. Well, this is blog is a recommendation from last year’s resolution. In 2017, I wanted to update and take control over my website. You see, a website is like a house, you have to find right the contractors, the right things to put in it and the design is important, as you don’t want to keep making a new one every year. This has to stand the test of time, at least 4 to 5 years before you need to completely change it up. It was time to change mine and it was time that I took control too.

The contractors that you get for your house can do a messy job, it might not be what you thought you would get and even though you paid top dollar, it is disappointing. This can sometimes be because of expectations that you had and perhaps the communication. The same applies to a website and this can be super frustrating. The other thing is often you can have your hands ‘handcuffed’ to your website developer, who has full control over your website and you find yourself politely asking again and again, if they could do some work… Meanwhile, you are stomping around your actual home and tearing out your hair and swearing your head off because they never seem to get back to you (like some building contractors).

Can’t social media do it all?

Why have a website at all if you can do so much on social media? Well, you don’t own any content on social media. It all belongs to the people who own it. Yep, including your photos. When someone comes to your website and registers for your blog or newsletter, you have their details, so that you can legitimately contact them again. This is not the case for social media, where algorithms are changed so often that many people you hope to see a post, don’t. In fact, smart business people, use social media as a funnel to bring people to their website and then they own any details left by the individual.

So, what did I learn from 2017 that I want to share with you? A golden beacon of hope and reassurance, I discovered whilst having a catch up with a dear friend on the phone. Broni McSweeny (a women I highly respect and adore) and I were having a yarn on the phone and she mentioned a fellow colleague in the industry, whom is a whiz at websites. Who you ask? Bill Sukula. Bill is well known for his presentations and myth busting blogs and social media. Straight talking, no bullshit and totally entertaining, Bill has always been one of my favourite fitness presenters and I always tried to make his sessions at conferences. His topics are usually around scientific claims and nutrition fallacies, but never in a million years would I have known about his amazing expertise with websites.

Web and social media expert to the rescue!

So immediately (and I did it straight after the phone call) I sent Bill an email regarding the mSwing website which Mark Davis (my business partner) was building. We arranged a Skype call and what a revelation!!! Bill had made a full assessment of our website (no idea how he did this) and set us on a path in the right direction with all sorts of tips and tools. So I am thinking… my own website. Another Skype call was set up and again Bill had great feedback and suggestions.

So, what have I gained? Full control over my website. I changed the platform, upgraded security, increased the speed, and did a whole bunch of other things that made the backend so much better. Also, I am much more knowledgeable about my website and I have to say, this is the key. The key to being free from website developers trying to sham and pull the wool over our eyes. An understanding of plugins (what the hell was that) and CDN (what the *&&^??!! Is that?!) and other bits and pieces. I am now with a new website host, which is amazing. All of this has been because I followed Bill’s advice and he knew exactly what the next step needed to be.

Boost your online presence

So, if getting a website built or thinking of doing one, you MUST speak to Bill. He will save you heartache, money and confusion. Start 2018 in a positive way about your online presence and contact this incredible guy!

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