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Free Training for fitness professionals.


Free Training for Fitness Professionals



Gymstick H2O Seminar Free Training for Fitness Professionals
Gymstick H2O Seminar

Discover how the Aqua Gymstick can invigorate your water based workouts by taking part in this free seminar suitable for all fitness instructors, personal trainers and health professionals who wish to deliver water workouts.

Effective Resistance Training Free Training for Fitness Professionals
Effective Resistance Training

The Gymstick is designed to offer full-body resistance training by allowing for hundreds of movements and variations, replicating free weight exercises. However, unlike free weights, which introduce load downward due to gravity, Gymstick provides resistance in virtually any desired direction and position. Each exercise will improve your core strength, balance, posture, coordination, muscle strength and endurance.

Gymstick Older Adults Free Training For Fitness Professionals
Gymstick for Older Adults

The Gymstick is an excellent piece of equipment that older adults can use for resistance training. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and non-threatening, so it’s perfect for older adults who may not feel comfortable with traditional weights or machines. Discover how the Gymstick can be an effective training tool for your older clients.

Gymstick Sit and Be Fit

If you have a chair, you have a gym. Gymstick allows you to perform a multitude of strength and mobility exercises from the comfort of your chair. It is perfectly portable, fitting in most bags and allowing for rigorous daily training from any room in your home!

Gymstick Partner Up

Working out on your own can be difficult and dull. You have no one to encourage you or keep you motivated.

Gymstick is an innovative way to workout that seriously boosts results. Gymstick allows you to work out in pairs providing the motivation to push harder and faster, while at the same time getting social interaction. It’s not a gimmick, it works!

Gymstick on the Ball

The Gymstick transforms the stability ball into a total upper body, core and lower body strength workout system. The Gymstick is designed to help you do more exercises and increase your fitness level faster than before.

Stretching with the Gymstick

The Gymstick is a tool that allows you to target specific areas and ranges of motion, increasing your flexibility. The Gymstick is more effective than many traditional stretching tools because the bands or stick in the Gymstick create additional leverage that allows you to stretch deeper. This video will teach you 4 different stretch sequence so that you can maximize the use of your Gymstick.



Jogging is an excellent exercise for improving fitness, strength and flexibility. In this seminar, you’ll learn how to jog in the water correctly so that your participant’s movement in the water is as effective as possible. You’ll also find out how to teach on the pool deck so that you can help members get the most out of their time at the pool. I will show you some variations of hand movements and leg actions that can be used during the jogging sections of your class.

Jumping Jack

Jumping jacks are a great way to get the blood flowing and your body warmed up. But if you’re doing them in the water, how do you make sure that they’re as effective as possible? In this seminar, you’re going to learn how to teach on the pool deck so that you can help members get the most out of their time at the pool. Finally, I will show you some variations of hand movements and leg actions that clients can use during the jumping jack motion.

Front Kick

Are you ready to amp up your Front Kick? In this seminar, I’ll show you different variations of the Front Kick using a long lever and bent lever action with varying arm patterns, and then add tempo changes for creating some awesome combinations. I will also discuss the benefits of High Intensity Training when it comes to brain function.

Cross Country Ski

Are you looking for a great cardiovascular exercise that works the whole body? The cross country ski is ideal for all fitness levels and will aid in building bone density when performed with power. I will teach you all about the benefits of this dynamic exercise, as well as how to perform it effectively. In addition, I’ll go through technique cues and variations so you can help your clients get the most from this incredible, fun workout!

Rocking Horse

In this seminar, you’re going to learn how to teach on the pool deck so that you can help members get the most out of this full body movement. I’ll start by showing you how to perform the Rocking Horse, which is a great way to get the blood flowing and your body warmed up. Then, I will show you some variations of hand movements and leg actions that you can use to spice up the action.


I’ll show you how to cue the pendulum swing correctly, with proper form and body alignment. You’ll also learn some variations of the pendulum that will help you get the most out of this simple but effective move. The pendulum exercise is designed to increase abdominal strength and muscles of the inner thigh. Learn the tips and techniques for cueing the pendulum swing correctly so your clients get more power with every swing.

Side to Side Kick

The side to side kick is an exciting exercise that can generate much power through the water. In this seminar, I’ll discuss how to demonstrate it effectively from the pool deck and cue specific techniques so participants can benefit most. Then, I will show you some variations of leg and arm movements, tempo changes and repetitions that you can use to give variety to this full body exercise.

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Straight leg back kick

The straight leg back kick is a powerful kick that fires up the hamstrings and glutes. It’s one of the most effective ways to develop power in your posterior chain. This seminar offers detailed cueing, techniques and demonstrations for the Straight Leg Back Kick, including practical applications. You will learn how to perform this powerful kick with proper form as well as different variations with arms and combinations using rhythm.

Tuck Jump

Get your clients jumping effectively with this FREE seminar where Marietta will take you through some key technique cues and a number of variations, to set your clients up for optimal gains from the heart-pumping Tuck Jump!

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Donkey kick

Are you ready to take your clients’ fitness to the next level? Join me in this free seminar to learn about the Donkey Kicks, and how to perform them effectively to empower your participants to get maximum benefits. I’ll go through technique cues and variations so you can help your clients get the most from this high-energy movement pattern! This is a great exercise for building leg strength and endurance, as well as improving coordination and balance.

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I will show you how to improve your cardiovascular fitness and posterior muscle strength in the water. In this seminar, I’ll teach you about the single-leg swing through and how it can help you make your workout more creative and effective. Changing between rebounding and grounding directly affects the outcome of the exercise. I will also talk about how to teach this on the pool deck so that you are effective with your instructional delivery. 

Deep water jogging & running

In this seminar, you’ll learn the proper techniques and differences between jogging in deep water and running in deep water. The buoyancy of the water decreases the pressure on your joints, making it an excellent workout for people with injuries or joint discomfort. In addition, the water’s resistance offers comprehensive full-body training, helping you develop your strength and endurance. Deep water workouts provide a more significant challenge and an intense workout, making them an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts seeking a unique and effective way to exercise.

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Step From The Start

Marietta will share her three essential core moves of freestyle step in this free seminar. By learning the essentials of step, you will be able to create your own classes that you love teaching and that your clients love taking. Say goodbye to boring and uninspiring step classes and say hello to a whole new level of excitement and engagement in this one-of-a-kind seminar.

Swiss Ball Masterclass

In this master class, you’ll learn all the basics of Swiss ball training: how to use a Swiss ball safely, how to perform exercises on the ball, how to modify those exercises for different fitness levels, and how to incorporate more complex movements into your routines.

Movement, Muscle & Memory

Learn rhythmical movements that are easy for anyone to learn and can be modified or progressed depending on the individual’s ability. Help people discover their natural rhythm to bring movement into their everyday lives.

Enable free training for fitness professionals
Breaking Barriers Inclusive Fitness

This seminar will provide you with an overview of exercises to help you design programs for people with intellectual and sensory disabilities and give you an understanding of the needs of those living with a disability. By the end of this course, you’ll have learned all the tools you need to make sure your next project is inclusive and accessible.

Pelvic Floor Seminar

Pelvic Floor First Ambassador for Continence Foundation of Australia shares the what, the why and the how of pelvic floor muscles and training and how you can improve strength and function of your core. 

Pelvic Floor 8 Seminar Course

What you’ll get:

  • Library of 8 seminar videos
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Exercise considerations, cueing and modifications
Free Training for Fitness Professionals
Flexibility without stretching

By the end of this course, you will have learned about neuro-mobilisation techniques which allow people with limited movement due to injury or age, as well as athletes wanting greater performance, increased speed and agility. The techniques taught in this course are simple yet powerful tools that provide instant results so your client quickly increases mobility without having them stretch! They work like magic every time! So if you’re ready to change the way people move then join us today!

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