H2O+ 2022 Virtual Conference *Online Course*

H2O+ 2022 Virtual Conference *Online Course*

Testimonials from H2O+ 

“Thank you all so much for a great day of teaching and learning on Sunday. It was really interesting and lots of strategies and things to consider to implement in practice. The zoom presenting works very well, I know we don’t have an idea of the huge amount of work you have to do in preparation and execution on the day, but from an audience perspective I felt it was excellent.”

Liddy Croft

“Thank you for another successful H2O+ workshop. I must confess that I always feel invigorated and full of enthusiasm for my classes the next day. There was so much to take in and I am looking forward to viewing the replays.”

Bill Stevens

“Thanks again for the H2O+ conference. I always come away from these events feeling inspired. I also really enjoyed the randomness of the breakout rooms and learning from Aqua Instructors across Australia about what inspires them and what concerns they may have. Absolutely loved the varied range of speakers and got great enjoyment of seeing and participating in the evolution of the Aqua cool downs.”

Adam Horton

“Thank you so much everyone for sharing your wonderful wealth of knowledge in such a simple sincere and entertaining manner -well done and I look forward to next year’s conference Marietta. Marietta, you work so hard to give us the best and we all appreciate this so much !”

Margaret Coates

*If you are a member of Marietta’s Virtual Class membership or the Aqua Mentoring membership, you can save 20% on the cost of this online course! Log into your account and head to the discount codes section in your library!*



SESSION 1: The Age Antedote with Dr. Kravitz

Our increasing life expectancy has generated intense focus on the biology of aging and longevity. In this research-driven presentation, Len unveils the 10 key strategies to slow down ageing, extend lifespan quality and live optimally. This lecture will give you powerful interventions to teach your clients.

SESSION 2: A YOUnique way to plan your Aqua Class with Jennifer Schembri-Portelli

As pioneer and founder of the WETS courses and resources, JSP has spent more than 30 years teaching, studying and advocating the benefits of aqua exercise.  In this Master Class, she shares the pitfalls, learnings and success elements of designing, creating and delivering aqua classes that have been replicated by hundreds of instructors over the years.  Discover the genius within you to plan your unique style ‘JSP AquaPack’ providing an intrinsic reward for you and satisfied participants returning for more!

SESSION 3: Vagus – The X Factor Beyond Elvis with Mark Davis

You train smart. Do you also recover smart? It is through recovery that the big benefits of training can really add up. They say that what happens in Vagus stays in Vagus - but now the secret is out! The vagus nerve has a massive bearing on how well you recover. The vagus nerve also has an influence on brain function, emotion, mental health, metabolism and general well-being. It really is the Elvis of nerves.
In this session, you will discover what the vagus nerve is, what it does, and how it impacts your health. You will learn proven strategies to enhance vagal tone and open you and your clients to better recovery and improved quality of life

SESSION 4: How To Create Creative Cool Down Exercises For Water Fitness Classes with Marietta Mehanni

Cool-downs often get overlooked, but they are just as important as any other part of your teaching. Often water exercise classes end with a simple cooldown, but that doesn't mean they can't also be fun and engaging. This session will cover how to apply creativity and imagination to cool down in order to keep students engaged in your classes. Discover the perfect memorable way to end any class, leaving your clients feeling invigorated and motivated.

SESSION 5: How To Develop A Growth Mindset In 5 Minutes Tracey Gunn

Understand the fundamentals of growth mindset and learn how to inspire and motivate others to develop a growth mindset in 5 minutes or less. Focus on the three main components to changing someone's growth mindset: shifting their focus from abilities to effort, acknowledging both success and failures. By implementing this method, you'll inspire and encourage your peers and colleagues as well as be able to overcome barriers yourself.

*If you are a member of Marietta’s Virtual Class membership or the Aqua Mentoring membership, you can save 20% on the cost of this online course! Log into your account and head to the discount codes section in your library!*


H20+ 2022 Virtual Conference Online Course 8 AUSactive CECs, 30 FitRec Points


About the presenters!

Len Kravitz, PhD, CSCS is a professor and program coordinator of exercise science at the University of New Mexico where he received the Presidential Award of Distinction and the Outstanding Teacher of the Year award. Just recently he was honoured with the Canfitpro International Presenter of the Year award.



JSP's vivacious personality, sense of fun with purpose will take you on a journey of personal and professional exploration and learning.   Innovation, passion and dedication are just a few of the attributes that set JSP on a lifelong pathway that has resulted in awards and recognition in both the Fitness and Aquatic sectors.  Her reputation has motivated and shaped what, why and how we deliver aqua classes today.  Join Jennifer Schembri-Portelli (JSP); creator of the Aquaframe, founder of WETS (water exercise training services) and mentor, advisor, and advocate to many of Australasia’s aqua instructors, presenters and businesses as she shares with you a wealth of knowledge and experience.


An acclaimed ‘group fitness Guru’ and highly regarded in the industry as an ‘instructor’s instructor’, Marietta creates and delivers training to increase the skills of group fitness professionals. Through face-to-face and virtual workshops, she educates instructors in the art of delivering high-quality group exercise experiences, ranging from those you’ll find on every club timetable, to aqua, Gymstick and her own proprietary program mSwing. With over 20 years of experience working in the fitness industry, Marietta also offers mentoring services, resources and memberships for aqua and group fitness professionals, as well as lifetime access to her online courses, at mariettamehanni.com.


 Mark Davis is a physiotherapist with an extensive background in rehabilitation. He has over 27 years of experience as a clinician and has developed effective rehabilitation systems for individuals, sports and industry. Together with Marietta Mehanni, Mark is the co-founder of the mSwing exercise and education programs. Mark is a regular presenter at fitness industry conventions and is well known for his down to earth style.



Tracey Gunn is a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) master trainer, professional clinical hypnosis practitioner, therapist and mindset coach. She has represented Australia in the sport of Kettlebell. Her private practice specialises in working with adults who are using or have used medicines to relieve the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Clinical Depression, as well as those who suffer from a range of other issues but who don't necessarily want to use medications Tracey uses her coaching techniques and experience as an elite athlete to help people reach their goals and live a happier life filled with abundance.


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