Aqua Tips Seminar The Stomp 10 am (AEST) Sunday 22nd September 2024

Aqua Tips Seminar The Stomp 10 am (AEST) Sunday 22nd September 2024

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the world-renowned aqua expert Marietta! With her extensive experience and deep passion for aqua fitness, Marietta will provide invaluable expert advice and technique tips for water and pool deck instruction.

You’ve seen Marietta’s popular aqua tips circulating on social media, but now is your chance to dive deep into a specific exercise and connect with the mastermind herself. This free 1-hour online seminar is your ticket to ask all the burning questions you’ve always had and get the answers straight from the source.

Join us and take your Aqua fitness classes to the next level with the power of the stomp!

So don’t wait – sign up now and take your aqua fitness game to the next level with Marietta’s unparalleled guidance and instruction.


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Mastering the Stomp

Join us for an informative and practical Aqua Tip seminar, where we will discuss the technique and benefits of the stomp—a powerful movement designed to be performed with your body submerged underwater. This free seminar is tailored specifically for Aqua instructors looking to enhance their teaching skills and provide their participants with effective grounding exercises.


Learn the proper form and technique to execute the stomp effectively. Understand the importance of being grounded, lifting, and driving the foot down to the pool bottom without jogging or hopping.

Teaching Tips & Demonstration Skills

Discover strategies for teaching the stomp to your class, ensuring clear communication and demonstration of the movement. Gain insights into the best ways to demonstrate the stomp, making it easy for your participants to follow and replicate.

Health Benefits

Explore the stomp's benefits, including its potential to enhance bone mass, work fast-twitch muscle fibres, and elevate the heart rate, contributing to overall fitness and health.




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