H2O+ 2023 Virtual Conference *Online Course*

H2O+ 2023 Virtual Conference *Online Course*


“I have had the pleasure of working with Marietta over the last 12 months. She is one of the most passionate individuals that I have worked with in the fitness industry. Her never ending energy is amazing, she works tirelessly to achieve not only her own goals but to help others towards their goals too. Her workshops and master classes are fantastic, informative and fun. Marietta is one of Australia’s leading fitness professionals, always open to new ideas and putting all her energy into everything/everyone she believes in.”

Claire Barker-Hemings

“Thanks heaps to all the presenters today, I’m a physio and after today I feel like my practice is so much better informed”

Sarah Laing

“Thanks again for the H2O+ conference. I always come away from these events feeling inspired. I also really enjoyed the randomness of the breakout rooms and learning from Aqua Instructors across Australia about what inspires them and what concerns they may have. Absolutely loved the varied range of speakers and got great enjoyment of seeing and participating in the evolution of the Aqua cool downs.”

Adam Horton

“Thank you so much everyone for sharing your wonderful wealth of knowledge in such a simple sincere and entertaining manner -well done and I look forward to next year’s conference Marietta. Marietta, you work so hard to give us the best and we all appreciate this so much !”

Margaret Coates

Cost $180 for lifetime access

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SESSION 1: Learning about Learning & Thinking about Thinking with Jennifer Schembri-Portelli

As human beings, learning is one of our primary activities; it’s up there with forming relationships, playing and working.  We start learning at birth and we keep on doing it as adults, pretty much until the end.   Most of us think about learning in an educational setting but really, when we’re open to it, we can get more out of ‘real life learning’ and when we can implement the skill of ‘metacognition’.

This session will include information about learning styles as well as an awareness of the important skill of ‘thinking about thinking’- known as metacognition.  Join JSP as she takes you on a journey to pinpoint your own learning style and incorporate metacognition so you are in a better position to plan and deliver more effective and challenging classes for your specific target market to enjoy.

SESSION 2:  “Let me tell you a story: The power of storytelling in choreographed aqua classes” with Marlee King

Storytelling is one of our most powerful tools. We can use storytelling to influence, inspire, and entertain and yes, we can also use storytelling to take our aqua classes to the next level. In this session, Marlee will show you how pairing a story with choreography will not only help you to remember the song better but will enable you to take your participants on a journey, thus amplifying the engagement and entertainment factor. At the end of this session, you will see examples of song and story pairings, be given tips on how to create a synergy between song, moves and narrative and most importantly, leave feeling inspired to create your own story.

SESSION 3: The Healing Breath with Lynda Keane

In this session, we will explore the mechanics of breath and its influence on the health of our body. We have a natural tendency to breathe through the nostrils as oxygen is delivered to all body parts, especially the brain. However, this process can be influenced by illness, posture, or poor breathing techniques. Explore how the body's fascia can impact the mechanics of breath from the effect of nose or mouth breathing and the outcome between O2 and CO2 on the health of our body. Then implement this newfound knowledge in a dynamic, rhythmical, multidimensional practical application.

SESSION 4: Activate before you Motivate with Andrew Chadwick

You know that teaching aqua is hard on the body. You're dealing with gravity, a slippery surface, and intense movements. But did you know how to prevent injuries from the high-intensity, high-impact moves on the side of the pool?

In this session, we'll cover everything you need to know to stay safe and injury-free while teaching aqua fitness. We'll cover foot/ankle mobility, hip mobility, t-spine mobility, whole body activation exercises and more! Discover how to feel confident that you're ready for every workout and avoid those nagging injuries that keep you from doing what you love: teaching!

SESSION 5: Music to Your Ears: The Power of Interpretation with Marietta Mehanni

Have you ever thought, “Oh, this track would be great for deep water or dumbbells!” or “This playlist would be perfect for the pool party!” We’re constantly creating new playlists and wondering how they might be used in with different themes and equipment.

Every piece of music means something different to each aqua instructor. This session explores how the same piece of music can be interpreted in different ways. You will leave this session with ideas on how you can use music more effectively in your classes.

*If you are a member of Marietta’s Virtual Class membership or the Aqua Mentoring membership, you can save 20% on the cost of this online course! Log into your account and head to the discount codes section in your library!*


H20+ 2022 Virtual Conference Online Course 8 AUSactive CECs, 30 FitRec Points


About the presenters!

JSP's vivacious personality, sense of fun with purpose will take you on a journey of personal and professional exploration and learning.   Innovation, passion and dedication are just a few of the attributes that set JSP on a lifelong pathway that has resulted in awards and recognition in both the Fitness and Aquatic sectors.  Her reputation has motivated and shaped what, why and how we deliver aqua classes today.  Join Jennifer Schembri-Portelli (JSP); creator of the Aquaframe, founder of WETS (water exercise training services) and mentor, advisor, and advocate to many of Australasia’s aqua instructors, presenters and businesses as she shares with you a wealth of knowledge and experience.


Marlee King, H20+ conference 2023Marlee King is a fitness professional with a PhD in health psychology. In 2010, Marlee entered the fitness world as a Zumba® instructor but soon after, she began specialising in choreographed aqua fitness. Marlee is a passionate educator and instructor. She constantly searches for new moves to include in her routines and takes a unique approach when teaching instructors new choreography. Whether it’s academia or fitness, Marlee is guided by the 5 Es – Empathy, Encouragement, Education, Entertainment and Engagement.


Lynda Keane MSc in soft tissue therapy & exercise rehabilitation. PGC Sport & exercise rehabilitation. BSc (hons) in rehabilitation & injury prevention. Lynda started her career in 1994 as a swimming instructor and coach, she quickly added fitness and rehabilitation to her aquatic passion. With over 28 years of experience in the industry, Lynda is an international presenter on the effect water has on connective tissue including all aspects of Fascial exercise and stretching, hypermobility and lymphedema. She also teaches aquatic therapy at 2 UK Universities. During lockdown Lynda was accepted on a PhD programme looking at the effect water has on the fascia system.


Andrew Chadwick H2o+ Conference 2023 With over 18 years of fitness industry experience to draw on, Chaddy is the lead educator and course content creator for PT Academy. He is an NLP Practitioner, TRX and Trigger Point Performance Senior Master  Course Instructor, and Animal Flow Master instructor. His time in the  Australian army led him through some physical pain and then on a journey to discover its cause. That then led him to health and fitness where he has been able to help himself and others through coaching movement. Chaddy can apply science and intuition to movement and make it fun and through this earned the 2017 Network FILEX Presenter of the year.


An acclaimed ‘group fitness Guru’ and highly regarded in the industry as an ‘instructor’s instructor’, Marietta creates and delivers training to increase the skills of group fitness professionals. Through face-to-face and virtual workshops, she educates instructors in the art of delivering high-quality group exercise experiences, ranging from those you’ll find on every club timetable, to aqua, Gymstick and her own proprietary program mSwing. With over 20 years of experience working in the fitness industry, Marietta also offers mentoring services, resources and memberships for aqua and group fitness professionals, as well as lifetime access to her online courses, at mariettamehanni.com.


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