Aqua Mentoring Membership

Aqua Mentoring Membership

Aqua Mentoring Membership

Aqua Mentoring Membership

Mentoring is sharing knowledge, skills and life experience to guide others towards reaching their full potential; it’s a journey of shared discovery.

Mentoring is multi-faceted; changes and evolves as the needs of the individual change.

  • Coaching
  • Be a sounding board
  • Voice of reason
  • A trusted resource

You are not alone in dealing with class-to-class challenges. I help YOU to achieve greater traction and success in your aqua classes. 

What you will get?

Weekly group mentoring sessions covering a wide range of topics from the latest equipment through to how to deal with difficult customers.

Access to an extensive library of replays of previous sessions covering topics like:

  • How to come up with new moves
  • Managing class participants' expectations
  • Discovering your WHY
  • How to develop your BRAND
  • How to implement partner exercises
  • Circuit success
  • Assessing a class
  • Warm-up and cool-down ideas and so much more...

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"I am finding the mentoring classes of great value, for my personal growth, as an aqua instructor. Every week I am taking away something new that I am applying to my classes, they love it and are working harder. Thanks again for all your hard work that you are doing so we receive the best of the best."

"I am amazed at how much we are learning each week .....the quality of this mentoring program is outstanding.... thank you for your variety of subjects that you are bringing to us..... your years of learning and networking with other brilliant fitness educators is all landing on us...... it’s like doing a uni course."

Margarita Brogden – aqua mentoring member


"I love being apart of the mentor group there is so much to learn and different ideas oh by the way my ladies loved the tea towels they asked me today when are we doing them again!! So happy thank you!! You give so much and your love for what you do shines so brightly!!"

Sarsha Campanelli – aqua mentoring member




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