H2O+ 2021 Virtual Conference *online course*

H2O+ 2021 Virtual Conference *online course*


“The H2O+ conference was excellent. Every presenter was professional, passionate about their topic, and presented so effectively that I was able to apply what I learned immediately, the very next day, in classes. My participants are telling me they are getting benefit from, the learning I am applying. All the presenters taught really valuable and important information especially applicable to the typical age cohort attending Aqua classes, but is just as important for any age group and any group exercise program. I feel empowered, inspired, and encouraged that my Aqua, and other GX work, matters, and my confidence has received a boost. Confidence, not only from knowing I have received tips from presenters at the top of their game, but that their knowledge applied, even by someone who only just learned it, truly works. Finally, the Zoom arrangements were seamless, sessions started precisely to schedule, and there was some time for interaction with other participants. Thank you again Marietta, for putting together another well-organised and excellent conference.”

Miriam Strickland

‘All the presenters taught really valuable and important information especially applicable to the typical age cohort attending Aqua classes, but is just as important for any age group and any group exercise program.”

Bill Stevens

This online course is the complete recording of the H2O+ Conference 2021!! Watch any time, and review as often as you like!

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SESSION 1: The Physiology of Fat Loss with Dr. Kravitz

Join Dr. Kravitz in one of the most comprehensive lectures ever explaining the detailed physiological and metabolic aspects of fat metabolism, caloric expenditure and fat loss. Participants will learn, from a cellular perspective the newest research on the hormonal regulation of lipolysis during exercise, the effect of exercise on lipolysis, the effect of exercise on fat oxidation, effective exercise intensities for fat loss, and strategies to enhance caloric expenditure with exercise. TEN (yes, 10) groundbreaking exercise programs that maximize caloric expenditure and fat metabolism will be presented. A must-attend lecture for aquatic instructors, personal trainers and fitness professionals who wish to understand and apply the physiology of fat metabolism for their clients.

SESSION 2: Function and Flow with Lynda Keane

Fascia and how to move it, from self-release to group exercise, how to release adhesions and create optimal movement. A workshop that recognises fascias' relationship with trauma, looking at the structure and relationship of the myofascial web, posture and trauma. In the practical, we will ascertain movement patterns proven to release tension and increase non-restricted movement. Learn to design exercises that target specific fascial lines.

SESSION 3: Watch Your Language Buddy with Mark Davis

'Are you OK? Make sure you back off if you feel any pain. Does that hurt? Pull back, that looks sore!' As instructors, we are naturally caring and empathetic people. But what if the words that you use when you are managing a client who is dealing with something painful are potentially doing more harm than good? Are people allowed to exercise in pain? What advice can you give a client with identified pain issues who turns up for your session? In this provocative talk, Mark will explore the power of words as drivers or attenuators of your client’s pain experience. You will learn how an adjustment to the words that you use can dramatically improve the benefits that a client gets out of your session and take them from “can’t do” to “can do”.

SESSION 4: Is power training appropriate for active ageing? With Marietta Mehanni

The number of risks increases for ageing adults and that's because not only does the evidence show that older adults experience delays in cognitive processing speed due to deterioration of the hippocampus area within the brain generally—impacting memory and spatial orientation skills; they also see measurable decline in function. But what can be done is simple: engage in power training! This session will explore a simple class format that's backed by research, using the safe environment of water to perform power training. This type of workout is excellent for combating age-related slowly and can be done in either shallow or deep water.

SESSION 5: Bone mass and aqua programming with Mushi Harush

BMD (Bone mineral density) is a crucial consideration when programming fitness for the older demographic. Join Mushi to investigate bone density and conditions relating to loss of bone mass. Explore how we can create effective workouts in the water that can improve and increase BMD. This session will offer you moves, programming & sequencing that you can apply right away!

About the presenters!

Len Kravitz, PhD, CSCS is a professor and program coordinator of exercise science at the University of New Mexico where he recently received the Presidential Award of Distinction and the Outstanding Teacher of the Year award. In addition to being a 2016 inductee into the National Fitness Hall of Fame, Dr. Kravitz was awarded the Fitness Educator of the Year by the American Council on Exercise, Just recently, ACSM honored him with writing the 'Paper of the Year' for the ACSM Health and Fitness Journal.



Lynda Keane MSc in soft tissue therapy & exercise rehabilitation. PGC Sport & exercise rehabilitation. BSc (hons) in rehabilitation & injury prevention. Lynda started her career in 1994 as a swimming instructor and coach, she quickly added fitness and rehabilitation to her aquatic passion. With over 28 years’ experience in the industry Lynda is an international presenter on the effect water has on connective tissue including all aspects of Fascial exercise and stretching, hypermobility and lymphedema. She also teaches aquatic therapy at 2 UK Universities. During lockdown Lynda was accepted on a PhD programme looking at the effect water has on the fascia system. 



Mushi Debora Harush AEA trainer specialist since 94, MA Physical education and Education.  Founder of the Israeli Aquatic Exercise Center, AEA International Aquatic Fitness Trainer Specialist and regularly presents internationally at Health and Fitness conventions. Proud recipient of the 2005 AEA Global Award for the contribution to the Aquatic Fitness industry.



 Mark Davis is a physiotherapist with an extensive background in rehabilitation. He has over 27 years of experience as a clinician and has developed effective rehabilitation systems for individuals, sports and industry. Together with Marietta Mehanni, Mark is the co-founder of the mSwing exercise and education programs. Mark is a regular presenter at fitness industry conventions and is well known for his down to earth style.


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