Aqua Tips Seminar Deep Water Cross Country Ski 10 am (AEST) Sunday 18th August 2024

Aqua Tips Seminar Deep Water Cross Country Ski 10 am (AEST) Sunday 18th August 2024

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the world-renowned aqua expert Marietta! With her extensive experience and deep passion for aqua fitness, Marietta will provide invaluable expert advice and technique tips for water and pool deck instruction.

You’ve seen Marietta’s popular aqua tips circulating on social media, but now is your chance to dive deep into a specific exercise and connect with the mastermind herself. This free 1-hour online seminar is your ticket to ask all the burning questions you’ve always had and get the answers straight from the source.

So don’t wait – sign up now and take your aqua fitness game to the next level with Marietta’s unparalleled guidance and instruction.


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Discover the Benefits of Deep Water Cross Country Ski

Join the Free Aqua Tips Seminar on Deep Water Cross Country Ski. This workout suits all fitness levels and can be adapted using a belt, noodle, or dumbbells for buoyancy. Learn about the benefits of this engaging exercise and how it targets key muscle groups like the hamstrings, hip flexors, quads, and abdominals.

Maximise Flexibility and Mobility

This seminar covers everything you need to know to instruct expertly. I'll explore the primary muscle groups that drive the legs from front to back. You'll learn how to perform the cross country ski effectively. Additionally, discover how this exercise can increase the range of motion and flexibility in the hips, contributing to overall improved mobility.

Master Technique and Cues for Optimal Results

You'll gain insights into the best technique cues and variations. From challenging arm lines to leg speed movement and variations. Ensuring participants stay engaged and motivated. Whether you're an instructor looking to enhance your class offerings or a fitness enthusiast eager to improve your skills, this free seminar provides valuable knowledge and practical tips. Join me and elevate your deep water workouts to the next level!




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