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it’s hard to let go to try something new

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Written by Marietta

July 17, 2022

The biggest challenge

It’s hard to let go of something that once worked for us, but it’s even harder when we’re not seeing the results we want.

One of the hardest things for a lot of people to do is admit that their favourite workout is no longer working for them. In fact, just admitting it to yourself can be challenging enough. But once you’ve come to terms with the fact that your body has changed enough to make some adjustments necessary, then you can begin working toward finding a new routine that will work better for your needs. And one of the biggest changes that inevitably will happen, is that you will get older. As you get older, your body will change and so will your fitness goals.

As you age your muscles and joints start to need more maintenance in order to keep moving. The good news is that you don’t need to do as much as you used to, but it’s important to keep up with some form of exercise or physical activity. You may find that the intensity of your workouts changes as you age, or you may need a longer recovery, but the benefits can still be gained when you work out regularly. Some of the benefits are strengthened bones and joints and the reduction of risk of injury from everyday activities.

No Pain, No Gain

“No pain, no gain” is a popular phrase often used to encourage someone to keep working at something despite the difficulty. The truth is harder is not always smarter. You have to let go of the myth that your current way of doing things is always the best way, and you have to embrace the new and often unfamiliar. And sometimes, you just need a reminder of how good it feels when you do something different–something that challenges you in a new way.

And that’s where Gymstick comes in

The Gymstick fitness tool is a great tool that incorporates several fitness principles into one simple device. It can help build muscle mass, increase strength and endurance, improve balance and flexibility as well as increase cardiovascular fitness all at the same time!

The Gymstick is like a Swiss army knife for exercising. With it, you can perform hundreds of exercises that target every muscle group in the body, and it is easy to use and can be taken anywhere.

The Gymstick is also very versatile because it uses resistance bands attached to a fibreglass stick. The strength of the band increases as the bands are wound around the stick. It is so simple to use.

As we age, we adapt, and we live our lives better when we are active. By letting go of old ideas about exercise and habits that do not serve us anymore, we can embrace the new and often unfamiliar and the Gymstick serves this purpose. Address your physical needs now with Gymstick so that you can keep moving as you get older. Your body has changed, it is time to change your exercise routine. It takes courage to embrace change, but it is also liberating.

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