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FLASHBACKS: The Evolution of Group Fitness

Hello, fitness enthusiasts of today! As we look back on the glorious days of group exercise instruction, it’s hard not to feel a wave of nostalgia. Back in the day, it was all about “Aerobics,” and oh, how the times have changed! Join me as we take a trip down memory lane and explore the top 5 changes in the group fitness industry – some we’re grateful for, while others we dearly miss.

Farewell, Fashionable Lycra!

Remember those full-bottom leotards that evolved into French cuts and then the G-strings The vibrant colours, the velvet, and the intricate cut-outs held together by strips of lycra were all the rage. While we might blush today, those outfits were our pride and joy. Yet, fashion moves on, and we’ve bid farewell to those quirky ensembles, even though they remain a cherished memory. But fear not; comfort is still at the heart of fitness attire!

Tapes and Rewinds

A Blast from the Past! Who can forget the trusty cassette tapes that powered our workouts? The struggle to fast forward or rewind to the perfect spot and the ingenious use of pencils when tape decks were nowhere to be found. As we laugh at the nostalgia, let’s be grateful for modern technology that brings us seamless, high-quality music from apps on our mobile devices.

From Auditions to Inclusivity

Everyone is Welcome! In the past, becoming an aerobics instructor meant auditioning for coveted course spots. A scene reminiscent of FAME, where only a few were chosen to enter this exhilarating world. Thankfully, the fitness industry has evolved to embrace inclusivity, allowing passionate individuals from all walks of life to join the movement.

The Cutthroat Auditions

A Thing of the Past! The challenge continued after you were part of a course. Landing a permanent class involved fierce competition, with instructors vying for their spot in the schedule. Fill-ins were nerve-wracking, as they could potentially be the new instructor for your class if the members liked them better.


From Freestyle to Expressive Artistry! Choreography has been a cornerstone of group fitness. While pre-choreographed programs are now standard, I cherished the magic of freestyling. Creating unique class plans, selecting the perfect music, and delivering an experience that touches the hearts of participants – that’s where the true artistry lies. And when someone says they really enjoyed the class, you own that praise. All 100% of it.

Missing the Good Old Days of ‘Aerobics’? Rediscover the Magic with Virtual Workouts by Marietta!

Suppose you find yourself reminiscing about the golden era of ‘Aerobics’ – those moments of learning masterfully crafted routines and embarking on exhilarating fitness journeys. In that case, I have incredible news for you! Virtual Workouts with Marietta bring back the essence of those cherished times while incorporating the best of today’s fitness trends.

I’ve got everything from the low-impact classics to high-energy step aerobics and Swiss ball classes that challenge your core to body conditioning sessions targeting specific muscles! Join me on a virtual fitness adventure that will reignite your passion for movement and invigorate your senses.

Experience Fitness Evolution with Marietta:

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🎉 Embrace variety with a wide range of classes to keep your fitness journey exciting.

Whether longing for the past or eager to explore the present, Virtual Workouts with Marietta offers the best of both worlds. Say goodbye to mundane workouts and hello to a fitness experience that leaves you feeling stronger, more mobile and fitter.

Don’t let nostalgia hold you back; let it fuel your passion for fitness! Step into the future of Virtual Workouts with Marietta and embark on a transformative journey that transcends time. Join FREE today, with a 14-day trial, and let’s make fitness a celebration of movement, community, and joy!

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