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Gymstick Muscle - Group Exercise
A complete body workout like no other group fitness class! lmprove core strength, balance, posture, coordination, muscle strength and endurance.
Gymstick H20 - Group water Exercise
Unlike any other water exercise class, Gymstick H20 offers resistance with multi planar movements to bring intensity and variety.
gymstick group fitness trainer gymstick muscle group fitness personal trainer marietta mehanni Resistance training balance core strength
Gymstick For Personal Trainers and Small Group Trainers

Instant kinaesthetic feedback will help you feel how hard you client is working. Brings a whole new meaning to Personal training.

Gymstick For Older Adults - Group and Personal Training
A safe and effective way to offer resistance and cardio training, that allows older adults to easily adjust the level of difficulty, as well as enabling progression without load.

Marietta is a fantastic instructor, how she can demonstrate, coordinate & still speak amazes me, wow what a workout! The gymstick is a fantastic unique tool that is a must-have for people looking for a unique, yet effective workout at home!

Jess Elliott

Personal Trainer

GymStick Products

Recently I took part in my first Gymstick course run by Marietta one week before going on holiday. It was the Gymstick for PT workshop and I purchased a Gymstick with a view to using it in my Personal Training sessions. My alternative motive was to take the Gymstick away with me on holidays to maintain my fitness. I followed the routine on the poster given with the gymstick and worked up quite a sweat as well as creating quite a bit of interest amongst the passengers. The gymstick folded up and fit in my husband’s suitcase, mine been too full of souvenirs and clothes. Thanks Marietta for introducing me to this wonderful portable, do anywhere exercise stick. 

Dee Shefrin

Fitness Trainer

Gymstick Articles

Gymstick Guide to Abdominal Strength

Your core is the epicentre of strength, supporting every movement your body makes. In this guide, we'll focus on abdominal and core strength, uncovering the unique benefits Gymstick offers to enhance these crucial muscle groups. Let's explore how Gymstick can be your...

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Boost Your Core Strength and Lower Back Health

Lower back issues are a common concern for people of all fitness levels, often closely related to the health and strength of the core muscles. Explore the importance of maintaining a strong lower back and core strength while emphasizing the significance of building...

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Developing Upper Body Strength With Gymstick

The Gymstick, crowned Australia's best home fitness tool in 2006, has consistently proven its worth. Voted by The Daily Telegraph and featured in women's fitness and health magazines, it made a remarkable resurgence during the lockdown in 2020. Renowned for its...

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it’s hard to let go to try something new

The biggest challenge It's hard to let go of something that once worked for us, but it's even harder when we're not seeing the results we want. One of the hardest things for a lot of people to do is admit that their favourite workout is no longer working for them. In...

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Can simple be effective

Keeping it Simple We've all heard the saying, "keep it simple, stupid." But as humans, we seem to be hardwired to look for complexity. So we are suspicious of things that are too simple – how can it possibly be effective? Fitness trainers tend to overcomplicate...

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The best Gymstick Exercises to follow Step-by-Step

A stick and a couple of rubber bands surprised me when I first used the Gymstick in 2006. Having been in the fitness industry for 15 years by then, I thought I had seen everything, and there was no doubt that I had a little more arrogance about exercise than I should...

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Why I hated resistance bands and what changed my mind

Resistance bands were not my thing I was first introduced to resistance bands early in my teaching career in the 1990s. This long piece of elastic was recommended as a portable and effective form of resistance training. Having only used weights for resistance...

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Why I hated resistance bands and what changed my mind

  90's Fitness Fad? I was first introduced to resistance bands early in my teaching career in the 1990’s. This long piece of elastic was recommended as a portable and effective form of resistance training. Having only used weights for resistance training, this...

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The Gymstick Swiss Ball Sensation

Written by Marietta Mehanni & Sophie Russell The Swiss Ball The Swiss Ball has been a tool synonymous with balance, stability and strength training for many years in the Australian fitness industry. An extensive background in rehabilitation especially within...

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Gymstick – Simply Effective

Written by Sophie Russell and Marietta Mehanni The Gymstick Original is a fitness tool designed to simply and effectively combine cardiovascular training, muscular endurance, strength and flexibility training. The Gymstick’s winning combination of the stick and...

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Aqua Gymstick

Introduction - Aqua Gymstick The Aqua Gymstick is an adaptation of the Gymstick, originally created in Finland. Using rubberised bands in water fitness classes is not a new concept, but what is truly unique about the Aqua Gymstick is its attachment to a stick. With...

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I was talking with a member who said she hadn’t done anything in the past few months except using her Gymstick and said what a wonderful device it was and how she could work her entire body with it. It was the only thing that could keep her motivated exercise-wise.

Cheryl East

Group Fitness Trainer