Group And Personal Training

Gymstick older adults


This education was developed in response to feedback from Gymstick™ trainers requiring a more individualised program tailored to the needs of older adults. This training will provide personal trainers, group exercise instructors, physiotherapists and exercise physiologists with the tools to be able to provide their clients with varied, safe, appropriate and effective workout.

Resistance can be adjusted quickly and effortlessly while performing exercises. With the Gymstick, transitions between exercises are quick and simple.

The resistance can be micro loaded to ensure the correct amount of tension is used, which is important for older adults who often don’t like or cannot increase weight used unless very small increments are provided.

When using free weights, poor technique is common, whereas with the Gymstick the angles of movement are more guided.

Improved muscle strength and endurance, balance, joint stability, coordination and postural awareness

The Gymstick not only strengthens the large muscle groups, but also smaller and often weaker muscles around the joints e.g. rotator cuff muscles

Reduced risk of injury because the exercise bands are pulled from below the centre of gravity

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