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The Gymstick can be used in one-on-one personal training sessions. The advantage a Gymstick offers is that the trainer is playing a more active role, as they are effectively controlling the level of resistance, coordination, balance and proprioception provided to the client. With each exercise, this can be increased or decreased according to the intensity required. The trainer receives kinaesthetic feedback, which assists in appreciating the level of challenge that the client is undergoing – more so than with free weights. The greatest advantage that the Gymstick provides a personal trainer is ability to coach whilst conducting the training because of the interactive involvement between trainer and client. This ‘hands on’ approach assists the trainer to actively observe technique and provide feedback through the resistance in the bands. With most exercises, the client is required to have the personal trainer involved to perform the movement and thus

The trainer is actively involved in the training and is providing relevant coaching feedback

More ‘hands on’ approach

Training cannot be performed without the trainer

Marietta Mehanni presents Gymstick for Personal Trainers with Swiss Ball

The Gymstick is a versatile fitness tool that can be used in a multitude of ways to challenge and excite your personal training clients. Here we see the Swiss Ball being used to increase stability and challenge.

Gymstick Personal training in the united kingdom

This clip shows some highlights of Gymstick Education held in the UK Sept 2011.

Review of the Latest Trends to Hit our Gyms

From powerplate, to gymstick, hoola hooping, functional training and the TGS wellness system, there are some great new trends to hit our gyms. During the four week challenge I review some of the latest and greatest trends to help you get in shape.

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