Preventing Falls with Gymstick Training – FREE Gymstick Seminar 10am (AEST) Sunday 15th September 2024

Preventing Falls with Gymstick Training – FREE Gymstick Seminar 10am (AEST) Sunday 15th September 2024

Join me for “Preventing Falls with Gymstick Training,” a complimentary seminar designed to equip you with effective techniques for enhancing balance and muscular coordination among older adults using the Gymstick. During this seminar, you will learn targeted stability exercises specially designed to prevent falls by improving functional strength and flexibility. We’ll focus on standing movements that enhance physical capabilities and boost confidence in daily activities. This training is crucial for anyone looking to safeguard against the profound physical, psychological, and economic impacts that falls can have on older adults. Join us to gain valuable skills and knowledge that will help keep your clients or loved ones solo, helping decrease their fall risk and maintain their independence.

This seminar is ideal for fitness professionals, personal trainers, and healthcare providers who work with older adults and for older individuals seeking effective ways to enhance their balance and prevent falls.


Preventing Falls with Gymstick Training

Falls are a major concern in the aging population, often leading to severe injuries such as fractures and head traumas and significantly impacting independence and quality of life. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, falls are Australia’s leading cause of injury hospitalisation and death, representing 43% of injury hospitalisations and 42% of injury deaths.

Falls requiring hospitalisation occur more frequently in adults with increasing age and are most likely to occur in the home.

Why Attend?

  • Learn Gymstick exercises that specifically target and improve balance and stability.
  • Discover valuable skills to help your clients or yourself reduce the risk of falls, fostering a safer, more independent lifestyle.
  • Discover exercises adaptable for varying fitness levels, ensuring everyone can participate and benefit.
  •  Benefit from the expertise of an award-winning group fitness instructor who specialises in land and water-based group fitness modalities for seniors.


You will leave with an understanding of how to incorporate the Gymstick into your training or personal fitness routines to significantly improve balance and coordination, which is crucial for preventing falls and maintaining independence in older adults.

Don't miss this opportunity to take your clients' or your own fitness to the next level, ensuring safety and enhancing quality of life through effective fall prevention strategies. Register today and secure your spot in this essential seminar!



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