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Group Fitness instructor: ARE YOU READY TO TAKE CENTRE STAGE?

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June 6, 2021

Do you love being part of a group exercise experience, moving to music and setting your heart rate and happiness levels soaring?  Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be on stage leading a class?

You know that feeling when you’ve been inspired by an exceptional group fitness instructor. The ones that somehow turn a regular class into your favourite class. The ones that make you not only look forward to their next class, but get FOMO if you can’t attend. Now imagine possessing the skills and confidence to become one of those instructors. Excited yet?

‘I love the short blocks that you guys teach this in. Many times fitness can feel like drinking from a firehose. You guys have structured this beautifully so it is easy to understand.’

Dawn Bamberg Health Coach USA.

If you’ve ever contemplated what it would feel like to be up there on stage, improving the fitness and wellbeing of those in front of you, then it might just be time to take the leap and become a group fitness instructor!

The great news is that superstar instructors aren’t just born that way – the skills it takes to teach a fantastic class can be learnt! Excellence in delivery comes from confidence, and confidence comes from thoroughly understanding what you are teaching.

My Group Move

The skills are not difficult – they are part of a process, and this is what My Group Move can teach you: the foolproof steps to teach movement to music classes of any format, from freestyle to pre-choreographed.

“This was absolutely brilliant for me, so easy to follow, i’ll never listen to music the same way again. This has made my learning of Step instruction so much easier, it’s really given me the confidence i was lacking. Thanks so much ;)” 

Rebeccah Adams

As the integral element of group exercise classes, music is a major focus of the My Group Move process. It’s not just about using energetic or motivational tunes as a backdrop to what you’re teaching – it’s about feeling the beat, getting in sync with the beat and learning how to USE the beat to enhance the movements you instruct and increase participants’ engagement.

With My Group Move’s online courses you’ll learn how to truly listen to music; how to orchestrate your cues and instructions with the music; and how to demonstrate moves in time with the music. Plus, you’ll gain the tools to develop a class plan, put choreography together, warm up and cool down classes, and create a genuine sense of community among your participants.

“Thank you Marietta and Maria, this was an excellent course. I really enjoyed the sections about the methods of teaching and the resource section of putting it all together. Very thorough and I learnt a great deal. I think you have hit the mark as I’m not sure there are any other resources out there that actually teach how to be a freestyle instructor. Well done.”

Benefit from Marietta and Maria’s combined wealth of experience to gain mastery of teaching movement to music, and deliver classes that will truly make your participants’ days, and by extension, their lives, better.

If you’ve had the spark for group fitness ignited in you and now you want to fan those flames in others, then now’s the time to make your move – with My Group Move.

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