Core Control: Mastering Anti-Rotation FREE Gymstick Seminar – 10am (AEST) Sunday 2nd June 2024

Core Control: Mastering Anti-Rotation FREE Gymstick Seminar – 10am (AEST) Sunday 2nd June 2024

Join this free seminar to master anti-rotation techniques, essential for a responsive core. Learn to integrate resistance bands effectively for stability and optimal alignment. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or professional, deepen your understanding of core control and enhance your training with Gymstick. Reserve your spot today!

“As a group fitness instructor with 20 years of experience, I have seen the fitness industry evolve over the years. Some of the innovations in exercise equipment have not been so successful – promising instant fitness and weight loss benefits and only delivering injuries. When I first heard of Gymstick, my first reaction was, I will admit, a little sceptic. However, I decided to try it before I made up my mind so I booked into Marietta Mehanni’s Gymstick Muscle workshop. From the onset, I was very impressed. Marietta’s knowledge of functional training and her ability to facilitate our learning was exceptional. However, the real surprise came when I first tried the Gymstick. Once I had set up the starting position for the first exercise, I could feel my abdominal muscles activate before I had even moved. The exercises were easy to set up and follow and very effective in activating multiple muscle groups and most importantly challenging enough for even the most trained athlete.
I realised that this small piece of equipment could revolutionise the fitness industry. Not only do we have a training tool that can be used at home safely by beginners or by physiotherapists in rehabilitation, we have a tool that can be used in gyms both in personal training and group fitness environments to challenge trained athletes. I highly recommend the Gymstick and the Gymstick Muscle program as a safe and challenging training tool. Thanks Marietta! “

Lucy Martin – Group Fitness Instructor Goodlife


Core Control: Mastering Anti-Rotation FREE Gymstick Seminar - 10 am (AEST) 2nd June 2024

What is anti-rotation, and why is it important?

Discover anti-rotation fundamentals, a technique for building a responsive and strong core. Anti-rotation exercises are designed to resist forces that attempt to turn the torso, thereby enhancing stability and improving overall body alignment. You will learn how to effectively integrate anti-rotation into your workouts, focusing on the strategic use of resistance bands to improve core stability and strength to boost core strength, prevent injuries, and improve performance in daily activities and athletic pursuits. This session is perfect for fitness enthusiasts and professionals eager to deepen their understanding of core stability and discover innovative ways to integrate resistance bands into their fitness programs.


Enhanced Core Stability: Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how anti-rotation exercises improve core stability and why it’s crucial for overall fitness and injury prevention.

Practical Skills: Attendees will learn how to properly use the Gymstick resistance bands to perform anti-rotation exercises, enabling them to incorporate these techniques effectively into their workouts.

Injury Prevention Knowledge: The seminar will highlight how strengthening the core through anti-rotation exercises can help prevent common injuries, particularly in the lower back and abdominal areas.

Increased Exercise Repertoire: Fitness enthusiasts and professionals will expand their exercise repertoire with a range of anti-rotation movements suited for different fitness levels, enhancing their training programs or classes.

Improved Performance: By integrating resistance band-based anti-rotation exercises into their routines, participants can expect improvements in performance in both daily activities and sports, due to better core strength and stability.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to elevate your training expertise with Gymstick. Secure your spot now and embark on becoming a Gymstick Instructor.

Join us in this knowledge-packed session and reform your clients' fitness journeys. Reserve your spot today!

Sunday 2nd June 2024

10 am AEST - Click here for a timezone converter 



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