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In August 2010 I injured my back causing the Lumbar 4/5 Intervertebral disc to prolapse 22mm. Compression of the L5 and L4 nerves caused weakness, loss of sensation and numbness of my right leg. I found it extremely painful and difficult to even walk small distances....

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Doncaster Aquarena Aqua Power Ladies

A note of appreciation for your dedication in taking our Wednesday and Friday morning Aqua Power Classes. Last Friday after our class we were all talking over coffee about how much we enjoy your classes. Your commitment and professionalism to all of us is great. The...

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Claire Powell

You have little idea how much of an inspiration you have been to me. Right before the SCW conference, I was totally feeling beat up by this industry and pretty much ready to quit it. I almost didn't attend the conference, because I only needed 1 hour to renew my ACE...

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In August 2010 I injured my back causing the...

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