Marietta Mehanni

Pelvic Floor Workshop

Written by Marietta

November 26, 2013


Core Foundations

Did you know that the pelvic floor was a core muscle?

Did you know that 50% of women have a weaken pelvic floor?

Traditionally pelvic floor exercises have been the domain of Pilates, mind body and yoga programs, but now that core training is part of most group exercises classes and personal training workouts, it is the responsibility of every fitness professional to have a working understanding of how the pelvic floor plays an integral role in the core.

This interactive session will combine anatomy with practical demonstrations and useful imagery to encourage activation of this uniquemuscle that is found in both men and women. Supported by the Continence Foundation of Australia, Pelvic Floor First Ambassador, Marietta Mehanni, will provide tips on how best to implement pelvic floor exercises into any fitness program or core workout.

Pelvic floor and real core training

Having a strong core is important for all movement, from sports to dynamic movement to the basic functions of daily life. A strong core is a prerequisite for the prevention of injury, enhanced sports performance, improved balance and proper training and muscle development.

Peel away the myths and learn the flesh of the facts. Practical exercises will be involved, so come prepared to walk away with effective core exercises.

The core issue

Abdominals and core muscles – are they the same? Confusion on these two muscle groups has many holding planks for minutes and performing hundreds of swiss ball crunches in the effort to strengthen the core. This session will clarify the difference and provide exercises examples that will highlight their individual purposes.

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