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“Pelvic Floor – is this the latest thing?”

Pelvic Floor training in the fitness industry

Before 2005, there was little education or discussion about the pelvic floor in the fitness industry. While I recall being instructed to lift my pelvic floor in aerobic classes during the 1980s and early 1990s, this emphasis faded over time. It wasn’t until FILEX in 2005 that I was reintroduced to the importance of the pelvic floor during a session on core training. My ongoing back pain motivated me to learn more about core training. The presentation challenged my beliefs about adequately training the core and reintroducing the pelvic floor muscle.

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that play a role in continence and sexual function. But did you know that these muscles are also responsible for stabilizing your core and supporting healthy posture? It’s time to get familiar with the pelvic floor because it can help improve your overall well-being, whether you have children or not!

Pelvic Floor First initiative

In 2009, the Continence Foundation of Australia held a forum that brought together leading fitness, physiotherapy, and continence experts. I was privileged to attend at the invitation of Lisa Westlake. The forum led to a government-funded initiative called Pelvic Floor First, which has since hosted many workshops, seminars, and community talks targeted at fitness professionals and the general public. This initiative has created awareness around the link between exercise and the pelvic floor, promoting safe exercises and exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor.

Creating the pelvic floor link between educators and fitness professionals

While this topic may be new to some people, it has become one of the most discussed issues in the past decade. The Continence Foundation of Australia has been instrumental in bringing about this change, offering free education, seminars, and resources to fitness professionals and consumers. The link between exercise and the pelvic floor was created and has since grown in both awareness and discussion around pelvic floor exercises and pelvic floor safe exercise.

8 Part Pelvic Floor Seminars

If you’re a member of my Virtual Workouts with Marietta, you can access my 8-part Pelvic Floor Seminar series in your membership library. With PowerPoint presentations and topics around anatomy, pre/post natal training, core exercises, how-to assess exercises and more—you’ll know everything there is to know about pelvic floor training!

I’m proud to be a Pelvic Floor First ambassador and to be involved in their initiatives, and training instructors with this valuable knowledge.

If you want to add pelvic floor training to your workouts, I highly recommend checking out the Pelvic Floor Seminars.


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