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November 26, 2013


PFF APP V3 with CFA 336x371The Continence Foundation of Australia has developed a free, safe-exercise app to both help prevent incontinence and enable people experiencing problems to continue to exercise without further straining their pelvic floor or suffer embarrassing accidents.The Pelvic Floor First app has three customised workouts for people of all fitness levels and pelvic floor strength. The wide range of exercises have been designed by physiotherapist and fitness leader Lisa Westlake to ensure people enjoy the benefits of a total-body workout that protects their pelvic floor muscles.


PregPlanAppBy downloading the free Pregnancy Pelvic Floor Plan app, you can:
Read tips on looking after your pelvic floor, bladder and bowel during pregnancy
Learn how to do pelvic floor exercises and receive reminders
Learn about safe exercise during and after pregnancy
Read health and wellbeing tips on looking after yourself
Find local services for pelvic floor problems.


preg centre

Dianne Edmonds and her colleagues share a wealth of knowledge on this incredible website. Covering pregnancy; pre and post, labour, pelvic floor, exercise stories and information for everyone. If you are thinking about returning to exercise after having your child or how to best prepare your pelvic floor for pregnancy, everything you need to know is here. Located in Mandurah WA, we offer pregnancy and postnatal fitness resources and checks for your abdominals and pelvic floor.



CFA201 PFF110


For more pelvic floor exercises click here.

In June 2011 the Continence Foundation of Australia partnered with the Jean Hailes Foundation to host a video conference on pelvic floor fitness. Presented by Dr Margaret Sherburn and Marietta Mehanni. Click here to watch video conference as a webcast

June 2013 Marietta toured New Zealand with Fitness NZ. New Zealand’s road show, dedicated to supporting the New Zealand fitness industry. Includes 1/2 day workshops for both facility managers, and also Personal Trainers, to help grow and support their business. The Personal Training session focussed on one of the fastest growing business opportunities for Personal Trainers – the Pelvic Floor, as well as a session on sharing ideas to help other exercise professionals. Marietta also gave an overview one of the fastest growing business opportunities, the pelvic floor, and why its so important to every club.

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