Marietta Mehanni

A stick and two rubber bands – why the fuss?

Written by Marietta

November 27, 2013

I don’t know why I gravitate to ideas, tools and programs that are not the ‘norm’. I just have always been someone that did not follow the crowd. Maybe it has something to do with my upbringing, or genetics, I just haven’t always wanted to follow the crowd (and do what everyone else was doing). Having said that, I am not saying that I am ‘different’ or a ‘visionary’, just someone who has not always subscribed to doing what is popular, just because it is.

Enter the Gymstick. Often people ask me – what is a Gymstick? I get asked this question, obviously in gyms or when I am wearing branded clothing, but most often in obscure places like the airport, on a train, in the post office, at the car wash and other unexpected places. The questions usually arise from non fitness industry individuals. I find this fascinating. I don’t get asked, what is a step, or what are Kettle Bells, or what is Body Attack. Just, ‘what is a Gymstick?’.

Well my standard response is – “A fibreglass stick and two rubber bands”. The next obvious question is “what do you do with it?” At this point, I have to smile and say ‘anything you want’. Yep, a stick and two rubber bands have changed the way I look at exercise, movement and function. It has challenged many of my preconceived beliefs and opinions, which were questioned several times. Why does it work? There are lots of answers to this question, but as there is no real research to why people with Parkinson’s disease are moving better, or athletes notice their performance improve, or personally why in the first time in my teaching career that I am physically stronger with no injuries, it just feels good to do.

Gymstick is a clever tool, and like all great ideas, it is simple in it’s design and effective in getting the desired results. If you have not either participated in a workout or used it before, challenge your own preconceived ideas and pick it up and have a go. You might find out what all the public fuss is about and perhaps, as it did for me, change the way you think about movement and function.

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