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What is mswing?

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Written by Marietta

January 13, 2022

mSwing is not an aerobics class. It’s about learning to move your body in a way that will integrate into your life for the rest of your days. It’s fun and it can be done by anyone and everyone. Why? Because since the beginning of time, people have been swinging things around to play sports, shift heavy objects and perform functional everyday activities. If you have a light dumbbell (1-2 kg), water bottle or any light object like a TV remote control, you have the tool to do mSwing.

Everything in life is easy when we use momentum. Overhead reaching is an excellent example of this principle. You might not think about it, but you’ve used the concept of momentum many times. For example: by reaching for something above your head, you will move your arms and body upward smoothly before touching the object you’re reaching for.

Trying to reach for something without moving your body first would be difficult and quite awkward. However, finding the proper technique can be difficult if you don’t know how to use momentum. Fortunately, many simple exercises can help you learn how to use momentum with your arms in everyday tasks.

Who developed the mSwing program?

The program was developed by two people: Mark Davis, a physiotherapist and performance coach, and Marietta Mehanni, who is widely considered a group fitness guru.

Mark and Marietta created the program to make it accessible to everyone with various physical abilities. As anyone who has ever tried an exercise program knows, if you can’t do any of the movements in the program, it becomes difficult to continue. The mSwing exercises are pelvic floor safe and can be modified to suit most abilities.

The mSwing program engages the whole body for optimal results. You’ll be able to feel the results in a short amount of time.

What does a mSwing class look like?

These workouts are only 30 minutes long. You will start with a rhythmical movement that swings the dumbbell through various positions. Every 30 seconds, there is a variation to the movement, or a new swinging pattern is introduced. During the 30 seconds of movement, you repeat the flowing and sweeping actions. This allows the body to relax into the momentum of the movement.

Some actions require the weight to stay in one hand and in other actions, the weight switches from one hand to the other. There are many variations of mSwing patterns, but they all originate from three basic patterns. Once you pick up these easy mSwing fundamentals, the simple variations are easy to pick up. Don’t worry!

You can have fun and challenge yourself in this whole-body fitness workout!

Where can you do mSwing?

You can do mSwing at home, in a park, at the gym or in the office, all you need is a little space to move around in.

The best thing about mSwing is that while it’s an effective workout that challenges your mind and body… it’s also relaxing and calming.

mSwing is the most fun you can get while working out!!!

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