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ORI – Gymstick Muscle

Written by Marietta

November 26, 2013

    Gymstick Muscle is a unique muscle conditioning class because it incorporates multiple fitness principles:

  • Muscle strength
  • Muscle endurance
  • Balance
  • Joint stability
  • Coordination
  • Postural awareness


The Muscle Class consists of sets of 3 exercises called trios. Each trio is focused on fatiguing a specific muscle group. Each trio consists of a primary exercise, progression 1 & progression 2.

“Just a couple of personal benefits from the Gymstick. I have had a niggling hip problem associated with tightness around my hip capsule. Had it x rayed etc…
And the good news was that I didn’t have a degenerating hip! But more stretching was required. After a visit to a sports physio I bought a great big thick band that I loop around the leg of my big jarrah table and use that to create the tension I need to release the muscles. Now admittedly, I have been on holiday for a month BUT I have run barefoot in the sand for nearly two weeks (about 2 kms) and the first two weeks I ran between 4 and 6 kms in running shoes either on sand or tracks close to the beach. And a little bit if swimming every day.

Since then, I have done between 45 -60 mins of Gymstick everyday, (haven’t missed one day), I haven’t one niggle with my hip and the desire to stretch out tight muscles is NOT overwhelming and I credit this to ROM achievable with Gymstick and you know, the sharing of acceptance of load across more muscle groups.

One other lovely thing is.. I have been doing my workouts in my little flat aqua shoes (for reef walking ).. Don’t need runners…. No impact!!”
Di Hollett


“We introduced Gymstick Muscle three weeks ago at Goodlife Helensvale and it has been very successful, great class numbers and many participants are keen to purchase their own stick so they must LOVE it! It has been really enjoyable teaching something ‘different’ and coming up with new trios, it has reignited the passion for group fitness” Anita Page

“As a National Manager I am always looking for unique programs that will give both members and prospects a point of difference from our competitors. The launch of Gymstick Muscle, along with incorporating gymsticks into other classes, has been a huge selling point for our timetables. Classes continue to reach capacity (40-60), and members are now requesting additional classes so they can substitute more Gymstick Muscle in place of traditional barbell programs. I would highly recommend Gymstick Muscle to any club owner and Group X Manager who wants to continually innovate their timetables, and ensure they offer programs that get results…Fast!”
Melissa Guest-Smith
National Group Fitness Manager – Goodlife Health Clubs Australia

Why is Gymstick Muscle simply effective?

Muscle Endurance

When using the Gymstick, the whole body is actively involved even though the focus maybe on a specific muscle group. The Trios concept is based on three exercises that are repeated twice.

The first exercise, or the Primary exercise is the foundation exercise that can be either a compound e.g. a squat, or an isolation exercise e.g. bicep curl.

The following two exercises, called Progression 1 and Progression 2, add other levels of challenge to the foundation exercise. As the Primary exercise muscle groups are repeated in each section of the Trios, endurance is developed through the repetition.

Muscle Strength_MG_8577

Each section of the Trios is 30 seconds in length and this means that for most exercises there will only be enough time for 8 to 12 repetitions. This repetition range falls within the range that will most likely achieve muscle hypertrophy and strength. This is one of the advantages that Trios has over conventional barbell or muscle conditioning workouts, as these types of workouts focus on the number of repetitions to reach fatigue, thus achieving the goals of an endurance workout.

Joint Stability

Joint stability refers to the activation of the intrinsic muscle groups surrounding the joint. When using Gymstick, the hands and feet are connected and due to the angle and line of pull from the bands it facilitates optimal efficient joint positioning


The bands and the stick provides instant feedback on how the body is positioned because of the downward pull of the bands, so that the client is pulling up against resistance and also depressing scapula. The stick position also demonstrates whether the body is maintaining alignment.





    The Gymstick challenges balance by changing the forces on the body by:

  • Adding resistance e.g. Hip abduction
  • Ability to add movement
  • Line of pull is from 4 separate points
  • The Gymstick design creates a line of pull is from 4 separate attachment points.
  • The Gymstick length creates attachment points that are away from the centre of gravity
  • Gymstick also allows multi-planner movement within the one exercise, with resistance
  • Coordination

    Within each trio there are compound movements that require several joint actions. Multi-planner movement, direction and balance will effectively encourage greater synergy of muscle action.

      Target Market

    • General group fitness classes
    • Circuit classes
    • Sports or athletic training
    • Mature adults
    • Group and personal training

    “Just wanted to email you personally to thank you again for today.
    You are an inspiration, and something( well a few things), really resonated with me today and Gymstick.
    I am super excited about being one of the people that births this into Goodlife Cottesloe.


    I am going to make it my purpose to embrace it and take it on with all the enthusiasm and belief that you portrayed so sincerely today. Again, amazing.”

    Dee Maher

    “As a group fitness instructor with 20 years experience, I have seen the fitness industry evolve over the years. Some of the innovations in exercise equipment have not been so successful – promising instant fitness and weight loss benefits and only delivering injuries. When I first heard of Gymstick, my first reaction was, I will admit, a little sceptic. However, I decided to try it before I made up my mind so I booked into Marietta Mehanni’s Gymstick Muscle workshop. From the onset I was very impressed. Marietta’s knowledge of functional training and her ability to facilitate our learning was exceptional. However, the real surprise came when I first tried the Gymstick. Once I had set up the starting position for the first exercise, I could feel my abdominal muscles activate before I had even moved. The exercises were easy to set up and follow and very effective in activating multiple muscle groups and most importantly challenging enough for even the most trained athlete. I have a back injury and am pregnant so was very concerned about causing any damage, however I felt physically supported through every exercise. By the end of the day, I felt like I had challenged my body but had not compromised my health.

    I realised that this small piece of equipment could revolutionise the fitness industry. Not only do we have a training tool that can be used at home safely by beginners or by physiotherapists in rehabilitation, we have a tool that can be used in gyms both in personal training and group fitness environments to challenge trained athletes. I highly recommend the Gymstick and the Gymstick Muscle program as a safe and challenging training tool. Thanks Marietta!”

    Lucy Martin
    Group Fitness Instructor, Goodlife


    Feedback from a Goodlife Health Club Group Fitness Manager

    “I am very excited at the prospect of introducing this at our Club at Bardon and can’t wait to put a class together and teach it. I would also like to congratulate you on presenting an interesting, informative, motivational and fun Workshop. Without a doubt it is the best training I have done for a very long time. Thank you it was such a refreshing change!”

    Cathy from New Zealand, who recently completed the Muscle workshop said

    “I actually ‘taught’ a class the whole way home to the CD in the car and the first words that I said to the hubby when I got in the door was ‘I really think that I can do this!'”

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