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Gymstick for Older Adults

Gymstick for Older Adults resistance training personal training strength balance stability coordination

Written by Marietta

November 26, 2013

A Gymstick program can provide overall health benefits for older adults

As we age, it becomes increasingly important to maintain an active lifestyle to support our overall health and wellbeing. However, many traditional exercise programs may need to be more suitable and safe for older adults, who often have unique physical limitations and requirements. In response to this need, Gymstick has developed an Older Adult education program to provide trainers and healthcare professionals with the knowledge and tools to create tailored exercise programs for their clients. With the Gymstick, trainers can deliver safe, effective, and engaging workouts that promote strength, mobility, and overall health for older adults.

Hundreds of movements with multi-directional resistance

The Gymstick offers full-body resistance training, allowing hundreds of movements and variations, replicating free weight exercises. However, unlike free weights, which introduce load downward due to gravity, Gymstick provides resistance in virtually any desired direction and position.

Improves joint strength & stability

Gymstick also has attachment points to either side of the body’s centre of gravity. The more the bands stretch, the greater the challenge on the body’s musculature to maintain a stable trunk position, which ensures the body’s core is effectively ‘switched on’ during even the most basic exercises. The instability created by these co-dependent levers also helps to improve joint strength and stability.

More eccentric control is required to complete a movement effectively with the Gymstick (than with free weights), which increases the pre-loading necessary for effective concentric muscle action, which assists in maintaining tendon integrity and reduces the risk of injury.

Want to improve your training sessions?

Want to make sure that your older clients are getting results?

Join me for an exclusive Improving Quality of Life with Resistance Training – Gymstick Seminar on July 2nd at 10 am (AEST). As the international program creator, I have developed a proven methodology for incorporating the Gymstick into functional movement patterns to help your clients build strength, balance, and flexibility.

Learn proper technique

During this seminar, you will gain valuable insight into the proper technique for using the Gymstick and learn how to manipulate it for optimal results. I will also provide guidance on designing a resistance training program that progressively challenges your clients, ensuring they continue to make gains.

Benefits of strength training for older adults!

Discover the numerous benefits of strength training for older adults, including reducing the risk of falls, improving overall quality of life, and increasing independence. Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills to help your clients achieve their fitness goals safely and effectively.

This seminar is entirely free and is a must-attend for any fitness professional who works with older adults. So don’t wait; register now to secure your spot!




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  1. Do you produce Latex Free bands for Gymsticks? Am finding I get a strong allergic reaction to the original latex bands

    • Thank you for your enquiry Sue. The Gymstick Original bands are made of latex. The Aqua Gymstick bands are made of a different product called: Thermoplastic rubber, which is a synthetic rubber and does not contain any actual rubber-related compounds like latex. TPR is manufactured from styrene and butadiene molecules. Thermoplastic rubber is therefore ideal for applications that need the performance and properties of rubber while also containing no latex. Please let me know if you have further questions: [email protected]


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