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Should you be eating that?

Should You Be Eating That? Marietta Mehanni, food shaming, dietary choices, fitness industry

Written by Marietta

March 27, 2018

Navigating the Grocery Aisles

As I strolled through the supermarket several years ago, a familiar face from my fitness classes emerged down an aisle. In that split second, a silent interrogation began: Were my groceries “healthy” enough? Would I face judgment for my food choices? The internal struggle prompted a quick retreat to the self-scanning counter, a desperate attempt to shield my purchases from prying eyes.

The Specter of Food Judgment: Was I Alone in This?

Paranoia or reality? Over the years, I’ve encountered well-meaning individuals inspecting my shopping basket, questioning my food selections, and offering unsolicited advice that has left me questioning social interactions around nutrition. The fear of being criticised led me to steer clear of gym-related social events and I strategically chose supermarkets far from my workout venues.

Casualties of Food Bashing

Socially acceptable food criticism became a barrier to joining members for coffee or attending gym gatherings. A seemingly innocent moment of enjoying almonds during a catch-up became a relentless discussion about their healthiness, prompting a discreet exit under the guise of teaching a class. The experience revealed the pervasive impact of food shaming on personal and professional aspects of my life.

The Infiltration of Food Shaming in the Fitness Industry

Regrettably, food shaming wasn’t confined to gym members; it had permeated the fitness industry. The scrutiny of dietary choices within our community mirrors the broader societal challenges. It is a phenomenon that affects personal well-being and raises concerns about the influence of industry standards on individuals’ relationships with food.

Food Shaming: A Gateway to Eating Disorders

The consequences of food shaming extends beyond discomfort; it delves into the realm of eating disorders. The separation of “good” and “bad” food perpetuates harmful narratives, impacting choices and well-being, particularly during vulnerable moments. Amidst the sea of misinformation about diets and nutrition, it is essential to recognise that personal dietary decisions are just that—personal.

Silencing the Judgment: Respecting Food Choices as Personal

The deluge of misinformation surrounding diets emphasizes the importance of acknowledging the individuality of our relationships with food. What I choose to consume is a personal decision, not subject to unsolicited advice or judgment. Only when someone willingly initiates a conversation about their diet does it become an appropriate topic of discussion. Let’s end unsolicited food shaming and foster a culture of respect for personal choices.

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