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Written by Marietta

November 28, 2013

Celebrating the Unsung Heroes – Aqua Instructors

Today I shine a spotlight on a remarkable group of individuals who truly deserve our appreciation: aqua instructors. These dedicated individuals often find themselves teaching in less-than-ideal environments—hot, humid, and noisy places. They frequently encounter subpar equipment, with sound systems malfunctioning and microphones not always available. Yet, despite these challenges, they deliver exceptional instruction, which the fitness industry often acknowledges in words but fails to support actively. These instructors cater to a diverse range of clients, including:

  1. Overweight and obese individuals
  2. Elderly individuals
  3. Those undergoing or recovering from injuries or surgery
  4. Pre and postnatal women
  5. Clients with special needs

Yes, I’m talking about the less glamorous population groups that often get overlooked. And here’s the kicker—they all attend the same sessions.

Catering to all populations

Aqua instructors possess a remarkable ability to cater to clients with varying abilities while also providing workouts that impress even the fittest participants. This realization struck me during a Gymstick H2O workshop. As we discussed ways to attract more people to water exercise and showcase its incredible benefits, I noticed that our focus was on the already fit individuals again. Instead of focusing on attracting those with numerous fitness options, we should concentrate on what is already working and happening.

Perhaps we should strive to bring in more obese, elderly, injured, and unwell individuals. Special populations are why I entered the fitness industry and made it my career. My goal wasn’t to appeal to those who could effortlessly accomplish every task I set but to those who faced challenges and stood to benefit immensely. For me, health took precedence over having a six-pack or performing an impressive number of chin-ups in 30 seconds.

Fueling Waves of Passion: Aqua Instructors Making a Difference

I could delve into the countless advantages of water-based exercise, but this section I dedicate to the remarkable individuals who become aqua instructors. You, my friends, are a special breed. You work tirelessly, adapting to a wide range of circumstances, thinking on your feet, and exuding passion. Someone once said, “Aqua instructors seem to be older than most people in the fitness industry.” There’s some truth to that, and why is that? It’s because your passion for improving health and well-being extends far beyond monetary compensation and the challenging conditions you encounter.

It transcends the glamorous moments of being on stage or showcasing your clients’ achievements in the gym. It’s the gentle support you provide to help someone enter the pool, the heartfelt inquiry about recent surgery, the individual modifications you offer during group exercises, and the meaningful conversations with caregivers of special needs clients. Your passion is enduring, and I am in awe of your unwavering commitment to serving the community. So, the next time you witness an aqua instructor in action, take a moment to appreciate the extraordinary individuals making a tangible difference in the lives of everyday people.

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