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Written by Marietta

November 27, 2013

Adam James

“Have started working on my balance issues with the Gymstick, it’s fun and challenging, I really like it.
I look forward to participating in another workshop you present sometime in the future.”


Rayanne Hutchins

“The DVD (Hard Core Core) is excellent. I remember this session with you and have used bit and pieces from it since
then. I so “want to be you when I grow up!” ie you inspire me and I’m using the NOT JUST TUMMY HIPS AND THIGHS in my classes from Master blaster last year. I like the way you have your workshops that really work and you stick with those, presenting to an ever changing audience. Thanks again Marietta”


Scott Clark

“Marietta’s gymstick session was again very interesting, fun and exciting. Marietta demonstrated full range of exercises that covered the whole body and most of all it made you burn those extra calories. The Gymstick is a very useful and portable tool that all PTs should own.”


Emma Walker

“Marietta packs an awful lot of personality into her tiny frame. A wealth of information, and extremely generous with her time
and expertise, Marietta’s sessions are always fun and fascinating. Marietta is not unlike a Gymstick herself – versatile, hard-
working, tough and a lot of fun!”


Matt Phillips

“Marietta is one of the most knowledgeable, organised and skilled presenters I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The energy and enthusiasm that Marietta brings to her teaching sessions is infectious making it impossible not to learn. The Gymstick is now my favourite piece of exercise equipment.”


Les Rosenblatt

“Marietta is a wonderfully enthusiastic practitioner of the art of Gymstick, and engagingly generous in passing on her knowledge and experience.”


Jess Elliott

“Marietta is a fantastic instructor, how she can demonstrate, coordinate & still speak amazes me, wow what a workout! The gymstick is a fantastic unique tool that is a must-have for people looking for a unique, yet effective workout at home!”


Annette Dal Sasso

“Marietta is a killer presenter, one of a kind. Exceptionally motivating with an infectious personality.”

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