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November 27, 2013


“Thanks for the sensational session yesterday. I love the versatility of the product and continue to use it with athletes, pregnant women, older adults as well as those with injuries who either require specific rehabilitation or general conditioning. I was injured and non weight bearing on crutches for 6 weeks and Gymstick was the only way I could keep exercising my upper body (e.g. lying on my back – straps over 1 foot!).  I am confident now that Gymstick can spice up some of those mundane physio exercises! I particularly liked yesterday’s posterior pelvic sling exercises (bridge and lats) and am looking forward to using that one tomorrow. “– Shira Kramer Director of BeActive Physio Pty. Ltd.

“Hey Marietta, my new client whom is pregnant absolutely loves the Gymstick.
I have upgraded her to black and we have been doing the combined moves in
PT. For such a simple tool, it works a charm. Thanks heaps for the
workshops, i can’t wait for the swissball Gymstick workshop.” Anita Golob, Fit For 2

“Although I was sick & spent a few days in hospital the week before, I loved the workshop and have used the Gymstick in several PT sessions! Initially I would get the “what the hell are you going to do with that thing?!” look, but they are always surprised how hard it is and what I could do with it. I have also included the Gymstick in programs and we are getting a few requests for a class, so I might come and do another workshop soon!”
Darren Thompson YMCA Wonthaggi

“I purchased a Gymstick Black six months ago with the intention of doing some rehab exercises at home, I like to lift heavy weights in the gym normally, but have always struggled with injuries. As I used the Gymstick more and more, I discovered that all the exercises I was doing with weights in the gym, I could now do at home with this awesome tool. After just two months, I quit my gym membership and ordered a gymstick gold plus extra bands. I have taken measurements and I am definitely reaching my goals using nothing but the gymstick for resistance training. Due to the gentle load curves of the bands, I have been able to train harder without so many injuries, which is the main bonus for me, although it is great not having an expensive gym membership anymore! I can now do a quick workout at home whenever it’s convenient, with no travelling time. I find I’m now exercising more often and reaching my goals far more quickly, all thanks to the Gymstick!”

Mike Robbers – 32

Gymstick fitness concept_MG_3400

Gymstick International has developed a fitness concept around three products, which offers the fitness enthusiast an easy and effective way to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

The Gymstick concept includes:

  • Gymstick Original for indoors
  • Gymstick Aqua for water and
  • Gymstick Nordic Walking for outdoors.

These safe and effective activities can be performed individually or in groups anywhere and anytime. 

Gymstick Original

Gymstick Original indoor group training concept consists of two different workout programs. These programs are designed for fitness studios, rehabilitation centres and general group training.

The programs are:

  • Gymstick Muscle_MG_3176
  • Gymstick PT
  • Gymstick for Older Adults

Gymstick Aqua

This concept caters well for sporting groups, rehabilitation clients, individual training or group exercise in the water.

The Aqua Gymstick is an adaptation of the Gymstick, originally created in Finland. Using rubberised bands in water fitness classes is not a new concept, but what is truly unique about the Aqua Gymstick, is it’s attachment to a stick. With this innovative design, stationary, propulsive and travelling exercises can utilise the added resistance of the bands. Another clever feature of the Aqua Gymstick is the ability to ‘roll’ up the bands, thus creating greater tension. This is ideal for catering for different strength and fitness levels, especially in an aqua exercise format.

Gymstick Nordic Walking

Gymstick Nordic Walking concept is based on using Nordic Walking poles for outdoor training. It consists of a three levelled instructor training program for sport, fitness and healthcare professionals. It also caters for fitness enthusiasts, sporting teams and athletes as well as recreational users.

Who does Gymstick exist for?

People who want to move. Everyone moves differently. People move to feel healthy. The injured move to heal. The elderly move to feel young. Kids move to have fun. Professionals move to do their jobs to the best of their ability. The athlete moves to win.
Gymstick is for the athlete in everyone. It’s for the little kids who want a fun toy to play with. It’s for adults who need simple, affordable tools that work the whole body, no matter where they are. It’s for the elderly who can use the equipment in their homes, their chairs, their beds. It’s for the personal trainer out in the park, on the beach, in the gym. It’s for the athlete needing lightweight, simple training tools. It’s for a professional who needs flexible tools to stay fit for the job. It’s for the injured person working hard on their recovery. Gymstick is for anyone in the world, any body, anyone with a body wanting to move.

What does Gymstick do?

Gymstick develops products for professional and home use. They provide tools that can be used safely in the home. Gymstick gives people more options to exercise in whatever space they feel most comfortable.
Gymstick provides useful tools for personal trainers. Gymstick equipment is portable. Gymstick equipment is functional. Gymstick provides a variety of work out options that the client may not get anywhere else. There are so many different types of exercises that can be done, and so endless ways to move. Gymstick shifts away from the traditional type of exercise; the treadmill, the rowing machine, the dumbbells. Gymstick itself is only one tool, but it can make every workout different. It can be used to work any part of the body.

The benefits of using a Gymstick

The Gymstick is designed to offer total body resistance training, by allowing for hundreds of movements and variations, replicating free weight exercises. However, unlike free weights which introduce load in a downward direction as a result of gravity, Gymstick provides resistance in virtually any desired direction and in any position.

Gymstick also has attachment points to either side of the body’s centre of gravity which means the more the bands are stretched, the greater the challenge on the body’s musculature to maintain a stable trunk position. This ensures the body’s core is effectively ‘switched on’ during even the most basic exercises. The instability created by this lever arch also helps to improve joint strength and stability. In order to complete a movement effectively with the Gymstick, more eccentric control is required (than with free weights), which acts to increase the pre loading necessary for an effective concentric muscle action. This assists in maintaining tendon integrity and reduces the risk of injury.

What is Gymstick’s point of difference?

Gymstick cares for more than just the gym junkie, the athlete and the trainer. It helps anyone move, anywhere. Gymstick recognises that the human body is not designed to be still. Over time we have evolved to move constantly; to search for food, hunt for animals and farm fields. Now we’re wedged behind desks, trapped in cars and stuck on the couch. Gymstick helps people to move again; and to move safely, effectively, more functionally and more efficiently.
Gymstick itself is a simple tool that takes us back to basics; we need to move. It may just be a fibreglass stick weighing 400grams with two rubber-bands on the end – but it’ll change your life.

The components of the Gymstick Original

The Gymstick Original consists of the following components:

  • 130 cm, 51.18 inch fibreglass stick
  • 70 cm, 27.56 inch foam grip over the centre of the stick
  • Two exercise bands, 75 cm, 29.53 inches in length which have a unique fabric loop at both ends.

Simply attach the exercise bands to the stick with the simple connecting mechanism on each end

The Gymstick Original is available in five resistance levels. The resistance varies from 1-30kg or 1-66 pounds and the resistance level can be easily adjusted by rolling the bands around the ends of the stick.

Resistance levels

Light Green is designed for rehabilitation and exercise for beginners and older adults. The resistance of green exercise bands ranges from 1 to 10 kgs.
Medium Blue is designed for junior athletes, men and women who want to start exercising. The resistance of blue exercise bands ranges from 1 to 15 kgs.
Strong Black is designed for fit men and women and athletes. The resistance of black exercise ranges from 1 to 20 kg.
Extra Strong Silver is designed for extremely fit men and athletes. This is also appropriate for personal training. The resistance of silver exercise ranges from 1 to 25 kgs.
Super Strong Gold is designed for athletes. The resistance of gold exercise bands ranges from 1 to 30 kgs.
Gymstick Telescopic The minimum length of the telescopic Gymstick is 70 cm and maximum length is 117 cm. It is a great alternative for those who travel and want to keep exercising or training. It also has appeal for personal trainers who like the compact size of telescopic Gymstick.
Bootcamp Gymstick was intended especially for outdoor use. Both the telescopic stick and the bag are in a camouflage design. The bag is waterproof and it is designed to sit comfortably against the back.




Dee Sheffrin

“Recently I took part in my first Gymstick course run by Marietta one week before going on holiday. It was the Gymstick for PT workshop held in Narrewarren and I purchased a Bootcamp Gymstick with a view to using it in my Personal Training sessions.
My alternative motive was to take the Gymstick away with me to maintain my fitness. You may be thinking what’s so special about that! Well our holiday was on board a sailing ship. A clipper to be precise. There were 159 passengers on board and 80 crew, no gym, two small plunge pools one of which enabled anyone at the bar to peer through the portholes into the pool…. The Aqua fitness class was viewed by all and sundry!
However, being a competitive masters swimmer I was not to be deterred and took my gymstick up aft every morning with the sunrise. There were not many passengers about at that time and I did get some strange looks from crew members who were more used to seeing passengers relaxing on the sun loungers than flexing muscles on deck. I followed the routine on the poster given with the gymstick and worked up quite a sweat as well as creating quite a bit of interest amongst the passengers; several of whom enquired as to how it worked and where to obtain one. I maintained some strength and flexibility during the cruise around the Mediterranean but couldn’t quite manage to keep the kilo’s from the wonderful food and cocktails at bay. The gymstick folded up and fit in my husband’s suitcase, mine been too full of souvenirs and clothes. I was a bit worried about the commando type camouflage bag that it came in especially going through customs but as in the check in luggage no one queried what it was. Thanks Marietta for introducing me to this wonderful portable, do anywhere exercise stick. I hope that you have had several overseas enquiries since my holiday.”


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