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Can you remember a name?

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Written by Marietta

July 23, 2018

The Importance of Remembering Names

Do you find yourself using the excuse, “I can never remember people’s names,” more often than you’d like? It’s a common sentiment, especially when you encounter numerous individuals. But when those individuals have been loyal participants in your fitness classes for months or even years, it becomes less excusable. Mastering this skill is essential – it can transform your fitness community.

The Significance of Using Names

Think about the first time you meet someone and ask for their name. It’s a subtle test—a test of recognition and acknowledgment. When someone shares their name with you, they permit you to see them as individuals, not just another face in the crowd.
Here’s the real test: Will you remember their name the next time you meet? Remembering and using someone’s name communicates that they’re important and matter. It lays the foundation for deeper connections—whether in business, friendship, or beyond. Simply acknowledging someone by name, you’re planting seeds for future meaningful interactions.

Personal Commitment to Remembering Names

Several years ago, I made it a New Year’s resolution to master this skill, and I’ve remained committed ever since. Admittedly, I struggle a bit and recognise it as a lack of effort. In the remaining 14 classes, I make it a point to remember everyone’s name.

Practical Strategies for Remembering Names

When a new participant joins, I approach them with a handshake, introduce myself, and ask for their name. Throughout the class, I used their name multiple times, weaving them into words of encouragement and acknowledgment. Gone are the days of generic corrections to the entire class. Instead, I offer personalised feedback tailored to each individual’s needs and achievements.

We all comment on how we can improve, but what efforts do we go to to try? Come on, tackle the hardest thing first!

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