Marietta Mehanni

Where are you going?

Written by Marietta

November 27, 2013

Where is your career going in the fitness industry?

Do you often think ‘where the hell am I going?’
I know that this thought has popped into my head so many times I can’t begin to think how often I have contemplated it.

So, where is your career going?

I know when I look back, I can see now that each individual experience had a purpose. Even though at the time, I could not see it or even feel it. Each mistake had a purpose and pushed me in the direction that I now find myself.
Have you sat back to consider what it has taken to get you where you are now?
Perhaps they will not be happy memories or successful ones, but ultimately we do choose where we want to be. We also have the choice as to how we quick we learn from our mistakes.
This is all very nice and very zen, but there are some little lessons to consider:

1. When someone says something to you that totally pisses you off, ask yourself why you are reacting so strongly. They are usually hitting a nerve and speaking the obvious; sit back for a moment and do not react and see what truth might be in those words

2. Is it always a ‘disaster’? Often the words we use are completely inappropriate for the circumstances. Someone says that they are ‘devastated’ when they get bad news at work. Devastating is Japan’s earthquake, not someone making a comment about your work. Put it into perspective and make sure that your verbal words match your circumstances. Don’t be a drama queen.

3. On the topic of words, choose words that do not concrete lack of ability. Often people will say ‘I just can’t do this’, or ‘I have never been able to….’ Ridiculous because in reality, often they have never really given anything a go or they have assumed that they can’t do an activity way before they have even tried it!! If you don’t want to do it, then don’t. Avoid using excuses. It is verging on pathetic and does not strengthen who you are. You then become your own worst critique, but not in a way that will inspire you to do better.

Reacting to situations, being a drama queen or stating you can’t do it before you have really tried are very child like behaviours that seem to be acceptable in our world today. Go ahead and be responsible for your actions and words – it can change your outlook and your career.

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