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December 2, 2019

Drum roll please…!

Richard Beddie, CEO of Exercise New Zealand lands another amazing development on the audience of the annual FITEX conference in Auckland, New Zealand. Richard discussed his trip to the World Health Organisation and the initiatives that are being rolled out to get more people moving. And then… he discussed how Exercise NZ are now working closely with allied health professionals. Sitting there in the audience, I am envious of my fellow NZ colleagues as they work in an industry that is so proactive. You know, doing the stuff that everyone else talks about. Actually doing it!

I have to say, the opening ceremony is one of my favourite parts of this yearly event in November. As we all pack into the auditorium, some 800 delegates, we listen to the latest developments in the kiwi fitness world. Not only do they have an incredible Prime Minister, but proactivity appears to flow in other directions including the fitness industry. To be part of this conference every year is a highlight and in particular, this year in which Maria Teresa Stone and I (as My Group Move) also sponsored Freestyle Instructor of the Year award. Yep, we decided last year that the Exercise NZ awards really acknowledged clubs and individuals in such an authentic way, that we just had to be part of it somehow.

Mark Davis and I presented a fantastic session about vestibular training using our branded mSwing program and Maria and I did all things group fitness with three presentations. We also spoke at the Women of Influence lunch, which was a huge honour to be aligned with other incredible women whom have made an indelible mark on the fitness world.

The presentation that was the cherry on top was the keynote I delivered on the Sunday. It was just an idea at the start of the year and it came to full fruition towards the end of this year’s show. It was an emotional experience for everyone, with not a dry eye in the room (including my own). It was such a huge privilege to have this opportunity to share my story with my peers. A massive thank you to Mark, who is not only my business partner in mSwing, but my mentor and dear friend who helped me shape the presentation.

Ahh…another amazing FITEX over for 12 months. Have to start thinking about applications for 2020

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