Marietta Mehanni

Michelle Wright aka Mish

Written by Marietta

September 4, 2015

What happens when you put a visionary, together with extraordinary energy and an abundance of positive enthusiasm? Answer: Michelle Wright and with a surname like Wright, there is very little that this woman gets wrong.

I use the word ‘extraordinary’ deliberately for Mish because she really is. Having been an instructor and personal trainer, this woman is now one of the most talked about and world reknown people in women’s health. An ambition to create safe and effective ways to train pregnant women, she developed a personal training and group training business called mishfit. Having franchised this concept, she decided that more people in the fitness industry needed to understand the needs of exercising women that the idea of a conference was created. The Women’s Health and Fitness Summit inaugural conference was held in 2014 and now is bigger and better in 2015. With only a few days left, the social media platforms have gone absolutely crazy with messages and texts going back and forth about the event.

Ask yourself this – how many people do you know feel so passionately about their goals that they just take to bigger and wider communities? Really not many, in fact, you could probably count them on your thumbs. And this is what I love about Mish – she doesn’t see the barriers that would hold most people back. She simply decides to do it and then swings into action. When I had an opportunity to sit down and share a tea and home cooked cookies (yes, she also has a family of 6 and cooks everything from scratch – no complaining about what the food companies are putting out there), she told me about all the people who have jumped to help her in her endeavours. I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction and still lady is a perfect example of how it works.

If you want to be inspired, if you want to be excited and if you want to be re-energised, you simply have to come to the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit. It’s for everyone – men, women, young and old. Not only will you walk away with incredible insight into some not-talked-about issues, but you will also get some of that amazing sunshine and energy that lights up Mish.

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