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Do something today for your future self

Written by Marietta

December 12, 2015

I decided to use the quote for this month for the title of my blog as it really resonated with me at this time of year. December/January each year is when I reflect over the past year, then plan and look forward to the new year ahead. Not that this can’t be done in March or August, but for me, this is when my schedule winds down and I have the mental space to do the focusing.

This quote reminds me of another quote ‘a moment of discomfort now, will avoid the pain in the future’. It’s the stuff I can’t be bothered with now, but will pay off if I do it now. Whereas later, I will be rushing around, stressed because I can’t give it the appropriate focus that is required. For me, this is everything from little things like; weeding when there are not so many weeds; or house cleaning when it isn’t really untidy; to getting my finances in order each week rather than at the end of the BAS period or tax year. It’s also the bigger picture– taking care of my body regarding recovery, fascial alignment, regular moderate exercise, to looking for the ‘next big thing’ for my career. This means keeping my ears and eyes open to what is being talked about most and how it is evolving. I have no idea what will happen in the 5 years, let alone the next 12 months, but I do get a feeling, an intuitive idea of a ground swell that is building up.

My latest project for doing something today for my future self is creating happy memories. I love reflecting – it is a favourite activity and when I have great memories of an event, or holiday or experience, I relish in the memories at some point in the future. My memory focus for the next two months will be creating happy memories having a holiday in Melbourne. Being the classic list maker, I have listed down all the things that I would like to do in Melbourne that I have either never done, or did such a long time ago, it is time to repeat it to see how I feel about it now. I am excited about my little project to do something now for my future self. It will be fun and certainly an adventure trying out and doing new activities.

So what will be your ‘something’ that you will do now for your future self?

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