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Are you as strong on the inside as you are on the outside?

A Journey of Discovery

In my journey as a fitness enthusiast, I frequently referenced ‘the core’ in my classes and workshops. This was before I dug deeper into its intricacies. If questioned, I might have vaguely described it as ‘deep torso muscles,’ referencing the transverse abdominis. However, a realisation struck when I found myself grappling with acute lower back pain despite years of emphasizing ‘core work’ – I needed a more profound understanding.

The Pelvic Floor First Project

This realisation sparked my involvement in the Pelvic Floor First project. Introduced by my friend Lisa Westlake, this was a transformative chapter in my then, 26-year tenure in the fitness industry. The ensuing journey has been an enlightening process, deepening my knowledge and providing a genuine awakening to the nuances of the core.

The Core Unveiled

Now armed with a more profound understanding, if asked about the core, I can confidently respond, supported by research and physiotherapy-backed insights. Recognising that the abdominals and the core are distinct yet equally vital is crucial. My experience taught me that overly emphasizing tighter and stronger abdominals without considering a balanced core can lead to issues.

Core Muscles vs. Outer Skeletal Muscles

Recognising core and outer trunk muscle differences is crucial. Outer muscles, called the outer core, play a vital role in movement, power transfer, and spine stability. Balancing core and outer skeletal muscle strength is crucial in our sedentary lifestyle, where poor posture is common.

Free Pelvic Floor Seminars

If, like me, you’re eager to delve deeper into understanding the ‘pelvic floor,’ core, and abdominal muscles, check out my FREE series of Pelvic Floor seminars. With eight seminars packed with invaluable information, you will learn everything there is to know about your pelvic floor. Having helped thousands of individuals around Australia care for their bodies and protect their pelvic floors, I’m now generously sharing my knowledge with you!


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