Nicco Kuc
PRESENTERS INC. What a pleasure! What an experience! Presenters Inc. is a must for all wishing to make a leap from instructor to presenter. A journey of life time proportion brought into a beautifully designed 3 day course. I was exposed to amazing industrial leaders within their own areas, conveying their life long experiences onto myself and a privileged group of keen course attendees. This is something that money can't buy, yet it was an experience that would humble even the most ostentatious few. The session was hosted by the professional and passionate crew at Music and Motion, allowing this course to progress smoothly and undisrupted. I will treasure the experience and reference the knowledge attained for years to come. A huge shout out to the beautiful Marietta Mehanni and Karen (of Music and Motion) for the privilege to learn from the best in the industry. I highly recommend this course to all seeking a challenge and for those who need to be re-inspired to continue their journey within their selective industries. I am now staring down a path with clarity and determination. This course has provided me with the tools and knowledge I need to become the best I can be.