Naomi Ling
Try to get to know Marietta Mehanni and you will find that she is a fitness maniac, burning with passion to get everyone moving. You cannot help but be motivated, inspired and influenced by her. Marietta’s generosity, caring and hardworking spirit is well known. Not to mention her popularity and the wealth of experience in fitness arena as a national and international presenter, lecturer, mentor, educator, coordinator, writer and instructor. She has earned her success, and gains many great tips/knowledge by working through many challenges, without giving up. Her achievements are recognized by many awards and living testimonial of others, who were taught or mentored by her – many, became highly skilled and sough after instructors, and presenters. I am also one of the very lucky one to be mentored by her. Starting as a participant in her class (not knowing how to do cut the corner), to becoming an instructor and now a presenter. About the book… It is exciting to see the finish work of this book, “The instructor step essential” – a great resource for anyone who wants to teach step. In this book, you will find recipe for teaching a successful step class. All aspect of the basic in teaching step class is beautifully outlined, and the information expanded with informative photos, as well as practical drills and examples. You will find a step by step guide to choreography design, layering and intensity variation, and helpful information on teaching skills. You will also find answers to many common questions that you might ask as a step instructor. Read it, apply it and let it impact your fitness career!