Mary Gies
Mentoring: Marietta brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, as well as her intense professionalism, to her work of instructor mentoring. She provides assistance with every aspect of learning to be an instructor – the psychological aspects (e.g. managing nerves), the physical aspects (e.g. avoiding injury), the creative aspects (e.g. finding “the inner choreographer”), the instructional (e.g. getting the idea across) – the list goes on. She is always focussed on the new instructor as an individual – looking to find their special strengths and attributes so that she can develop and nurture these to help us to be the very best instructors we can be. For me though probably the most important aspect of being mentored by Marietta has been the affect of working closely with someone who is so deeply committed to, and indeed loves, instructing, mentoring, presenting and fitness generally. That love of her work infuses every aspect of her mentoring and gives it a special potency that makes it incredibly compelling and an absolute privilege to be mentored by her. Step instructing: Marietta’s Step classes are fun and a great workout! She is completely focussed on the participant – accepting and celebrating participants of all ages and fitness levels. She pays careful attention to safety issues. By encouraging full range of movement, she maximises the workout for participants. But the chore is the thing… The choreography is beautiful and crafted, yet, because it is broken down and taught in fragments by such a skilled instructor, it is totally achievable- even for the inexperienced participant. This is step as meditation – where the mind is freed as the body dances!