Kayla Duke
I have been one of the very lucky ones, to not only be training by Marietta Mehanni in my initial Group Exercise Course but, also be mentored by her. During Marietta’s training and mentoring I have not only learnt how to be a good instructor from her clear instructors and amazing knowledge but, she has also gotten me to achieve many of my goals and is continuing to help me. The time and encouragement she has and continues to give me is just simply amazing. With her training, advice and continued mentoring I have been able to become an instructor of many programs, lecturer, presenter nationally and internationally, a group x manager in Singapore, and the list goes on. We are now living in different countries but whenever I see her I continue to learn and grow from her presentations and even just our conversations. I can clearly say she is the most knowledgeable, kindest and generous mentor I could ever ask for. She is simply the best!