Danielle Brown
Early last year, my gym manager told me I should start teaching step classes. I had attended a sum total of two step classes in my entire life and now I was told I would be teaching a class in three weeks. I had absolutely no idea what to do. Luckily, I attended Marietta’s Step from the Start course. It was exactly what I needed, a solid foundation of the basics of Step. I was given the tools to create a simple, enjoyable and safe class. Marietta continues to help me with my development through her mentoring. As well as being a brilliant instructor, she is also a gifted teacher and communicator. With her help, my classes are becoming more and more polished and my class numbers are growing! Each mentoring session leaves me inspired and energised. She is also very patient with all my silly questions! In the year that I have known Marietta, my confidence and passion for Step has increased a thousandfold. I owe this to her. I feel so grateful for her unwavering support and the clear path she has shown me for becoming a better instructor.